Nikki Fairburn



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Name: Nikki Fairburn

Age:   27

Birthday: 4th August

Height:  172cms/5'7

Gender/Pronouns:  She/Her

Sexuality:  Lesbian

Ethnicity/Nationality:  English

Occupation: Mayor of Mangonia

Nikki Fairburn is pretty. And she knows it. She loves to doll herself up,  spending hours before going out getting ready. She is very studious. She  is a hard worker and she would often postpone events to finish writing a  paper. Now that she is finished school, she has all the time to put on  makeup (actually not really). Nikki may give off the impression that she is self-centered, but  she will always be there for you when you need it, no matter the  problem! Nikki really gets down to business when things go wrong.

Nikki likes mangoes, economics and accounts, styling her hair, her hairbrush,  makeup, trying to put makeup on her girlfriend (she resists), cleaning, researching  things, sightseeing with her girlfriend, visiting her brother, cats. CATS. She puts priority on the education of the people in her town.

Nikki dislikes disorganization, her bedhair, loans, loansharks, heavy rain, smudged  eyeliner, her brother driving HER car, her brother "borrowing" her car,  being forced to exercise with her girlfriend, running mascara, bad grades and did I mention HER BROTHER DRIVING HER CAR.

Nikki and her non-identical twin brother Hector grew up in England (more  specifically Liverpool) with their single mother. She is the younger twin by ten minutes. Her first language is English though she can speak a verrry small bit of Spanish. (Thanks Lentil) She has a girlfriend called Lentil Mani. She drives a yellow mini cooper. She  is very protective over it since her brother crashed it into a bridge once. Prank gone wrong in the hood, police called. This was a horrendous experience and she can't ever get over it. She can play the piano. She tries to hide her Liverpudlian accent but sometimes it comes out. 

She turned Mangonia into a big big education hub and it is commonly known as the university campus of New Leaf. Thanks Nikki.

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