Taro (Primordial)


Basic Info

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very W.I.P.


Age about 2 and a half years as a Primordial
Height 6'2" // 187cm
Gender Genderless
Pronouns they/them
Species Negative Primordial
Theme TBA
Status Taken
Significant Other Will
Personality Stats
Domestic Life
Home currently staying at the Over The Hedge tavern
World The Elemental Planes
Job N/A
Type Aether Eternius fan-character
Status active
Creator Tick
Code by Vom
Masked mystery

Taro is a strange individual, they say they're a Void Primordial but don't really have any Void-y aspects. In fact, they're a Negative Primordial who kind of pretends to be a Void to avoid... trouble.


Taro is a tall, somewhat scrawny Primordial with a mask instead of a face. This mask is kind of divided in two parts by a black line that goes through the vertical middle of the mask, the left side is white and has a closed eye and a somewhat sad-looking mouth, while the right side is grey-ish with a red eye and a a big sharp-toothed grin. They wear a short-sleeved poofy blue-grey shirt and a black coat that's purple on the inside, their legs and feet are completely pitch black. The shirt is actually part of their body. The coat is not part of their body, they had it made for them by a local tailor. Their skin (aside from the mask) is light grey or off-white and feels like a smooth and soft kind of fabric. Their hair is black in color, and a bit messy.

Design Notes:
  • Chin-length black hair.
  • Mask instead of a face. (The mask is flat and does not have anything to resemble a nose)
  • Tall and scrawny.
  • Pitch black lower body.
  • Shirt is part of their body, coat isn't.
  • Mask-face can't move aside from the open (right) eye, which can look around (but not close).


Pretending, lying, faking, Taro's skilled at those thing, though they prefer to call it "acting". They're laid back and a bit of a quiet individual who prefers to stay out of the spotlight or crowded areas (aside from the Over The Hedge tavern), they're not very shy though. Taro seems to have little to no shame, and if they would have it, they know how to hide it very well. They are also very good at keeping secrets.

Taro is very protective of No and Will, two of the Primordials who are closest to them, and will probably do anything to protect them from danger or other bad things. They are willing to go as far as risking their life if it was to save Will, which would hurt Will more than it'd hurt Taro themself but they don't seem to realize that.


  • For as far as Taro remembers, they had at least three different past lives before becoming a Primordial, they were human in two of them and a shapeshifting "doppelganger" in the other. The one as doppelganger was the first and longest of their past lives.
  • Their most recent past life was shared with the most recent past lives of Will and No.
  • [META] Taro's mask is inspired by a Monokuma face and the "comedy and tragedy" masks that are used as symbol for theater things.


  • Being in crowds
  • (the thought of) Will and/or No being in danger
  • Watermelons
  • The elemental plane of Void
  • Their weird, bad memories

Skills & Abilities

Taro is a skilled "actor", as they like to call it, they know how to deceive people and lie without getting caught. Not being able to move their face helps a lot on the lying part, but it doesn't always help with expressing emotions.


When first "arriving" in the Planes, Taro didn't look the way they do now. Their form had become unstable, their mind a big blur of anger and pain. They were a monstrous sharp-clawed being that only wanted to cause destruction. This state of theirs ended shortly after it began, when a Primordial with a bird-like mask pulled them out of this state and gave them a new form, the one they have right now (minus the coat).

Will | Eternal Companion
Taro and Will love each other a lot. They started out as friends but somehow fell in love with each other and recently became ECs (with some wingman-help of No).
No | Close friend
Being the same element and having shared a past life with each other, Taro and No are pretty close friends.
Kichiro | Brother
Taro knows that their younger brother probably doesn't know about the Elemental Planes, but they still hope to see him again one day (preferrably not as a Primordial)
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