hi! i was wondering if thereโ€™s anyone in my th that interests you ^w^
i canโ€™t do my sonas, Tess or Nyuc

I didn't see anyone I'd use much, but idk if you'd be ok with art? ^u^ a thigh- up body? (Flat color)

i could do that! did you have a character in mind? ย  i'm not great with masculine builds^^'

Yeah let me go ahead and send you a private message with the ref and details ๐Ÿ’–

I can offer anyone in the ufs folder or ocs

(You can peek in the mine folder but Iโ€™m v v tent on them)

Would you be ok with doing art in exchange for them? ^u^ a Head - Waist of one of my characters ๐Ÿ’–

Kinda like this?:


Yea I can but my que work or two long atm!!

I honestly don't mind the wait ^u^
I can put this cutie on hold for you if you'd like. But if you prefer not to add more to your queue then that's completely fine with me as well
Wtv you decide is a-ok with me! <3

Iโ€™d appreciate if u could put them on hold! And send me an oc to draw :3

Will do! ^u^/

I'll go ahead and note you with the ref of the character you can draw ๐Ÿ’–

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Just curious as to what kind of trades you're looking for?

For him I'm mainly looking for character trades or I can sell him for $100 USD ^u^

Oki thanks for letting me know!