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Name: N01772 'FELIX-FERNAND'
Race: Alien
Gender: Male
Species: Linnaeus
Sexuality: Pansexual
Build: Slim
Age: 43 SYs
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Felix is the 'captain' of the S.S. Renegade, and a space pirate alongside his pilot and best friend Stella. He was an outlaw on his home planet, and is wanted for stealing a spaceship to escape upon it's distruction.

Magic Prowess

Felix came from the planet Charcha, a planet that was 90% water and primarily inhabited by a species known as Linnaeus. Carcha was considered 'the happiest planet in the Galaxy', for generations it had held a '98% happiness rating', 98% of the population were well fed, had clean water, and a stable job. Anything they wanted, they had access to. 98% of the population was happy... 2% was not. Felix was part of the 2%, and to this day is very bitter whenever Carcha is called 'happy'.

A series of misfortunate incidents caused his parents to fall into poverty soon after his birth. His mother died from sickness when he was young, and Felix eventually ran way from his fatherso find a way to make money. This way was... less than legal. At age 12, Felix had become a drug mule and travelled across the city delivering saltwater. When his father found out what he wad doing, he pracically disowned him, and Felix grew up alone in a world below law.

He didn't exactly get though scot-free. After he was caught the first time for drug trafficing, he was put in prison for a year. On his seccond offence (attempted robbery) his hands were burned, as was the usual punishment for repeat offendors. He was prisioned the third time, again for robbery, and this time he was given the greatest punishment of all. On the forehead of every linn was a pearl-like jewel, known as the 'psychic eye'. It gave linnaeus psychic powers that, for the most experienced, could reach fantastic levels of stregnth. Felix' crystal eye was broken, not only remvoving his powers but forever marking him as an outcast in Linnean society.

Felix soon gave up all faith, he grew depressed and angry at his situation and, in an inccident of rage, attempted to murder his own father, blaming him for being the source of his problems. Unfortatly, the attempt never succeeded, and as his fourth offence he was placed on the line to be exectued. Felix frankly didn't care, he was willing to end his life then and there, until he met somebody from his past - Lorelei, who he had met unexpectedly as a child.

Lorelei had grown up in a wealthy family, the daughter of the Great Duchess-003, and had chosen to become a lawyer. She met Felix when they were children and she had gotten lost, but Felix but his own freedom at risk to make sure she was safely home - she had become so humbled by his generosity that she vowed to help people in need, and now soured prisons listening to the cases of the imprisoned, decided wether they were worthy of her defence in the court room. As soon as she saw Felix, she knew she had to help him, even if he wasn't so interested in being helped.

After a long battle, Felix was pardoned by the court, allthough one more false move would result in a prompt death. Felix struggled to understand why she defended him, as he only intended to get in trouble again, but Lorelei offered him her friendship and a job as his servant. After a few years, their friendship blossomed into a relationship. The day before their wedding day, she gifted him a checked headband to cover the scar of his broken eye - no longer was his 'shame' visible to all. Slowly but surely, Felix found himself becoming a new man, and for a decade joined the 98% of happy people on the planet.

Felix' position rose to become Lorelei's first-hand-man. While technologicalially advanced, space travel off Carcha was limited, but knowledge of alien species was coming in all the time, so eventually he decided to enroll for a course on alien technologies and civilisations. Felix had a strong interest in the world of space travel - if he had perhaps been born a few years later or in a different place, he would have aspired to be an expolorer. But for now, he was happy by Loreli's side.

Then... the disaster.

The technicalities were never exactly discovered, but waves crossing though space caused freak distruction across Carcha. The planet had about 14 hours to excape, until it would split in two. Carcha only had a handfull of ships that would be able to leave in time, adding to about 200 surviviors. As the daughter of a Great Duchess, Lorelei would surely be promised a position, allthough Felix was still looked down upon by many of the official and would surely not be allowed. So he hatched a plan.

Felix found a group of renegades from his past and planned to steal one of the ships, but when he explained to Lorelei she freaked out. She had planned to refuse her own position on the escape ships to stay with Felix on Carcha, and was outraged that he would break the law like this. The last time he saw her was when he angrily stormed away without him. Regardless, Felix' plan worked, and the renegades escaped Carcha before the disaster struck. While Lorelei had escaped too, her ship had been lost in space and assumed dead, much to Felix' dismay.

After stealing a ship, Felix was once again a wanted criminal, and this time he wanted to make the most of it. As soon as he got a more reliable ship, he made himself and the renegades known as a pirate screw, plundering for food and supplies. However, one by one each of Felix' crewmates were killed, with the pilot's life being taken during an excursion on Outlaw Planet-291. Unable to fly the ship himself, Felix was trapped on the planet for about a year.

Eventually he found a dog pilot for hire named Stella. The two did not get along well initially, however, Felix was the only one willing to hrie her and she was the only one he could find to hire. While their relationship was intially quite cold, they quickly warmed up to eachother and got along well, bar a few fights and bickering every now and again.

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Stellara Briardi

[ Pilot / Crewmate / Best Friend ] Felix and Stella met on Outlaw Planet-291. Stella was a pilot for hire, Felix needed a pilot, the usual fare. At first their relationship was rocky and full of arguments. It... kind of still is. Usually about Stella being lazy or Felix being too finicky, it's a real odd couple dynamic. But for the most part they've become close friends and get along when they need to. Felix can't imagine working with anybody else.



[ Wife ] Felix' wife from back when he lived on Charcha... and when Charcha still existed. The two met as children, as Lorelei had a habit of getting mixed up with the 'undesirable people'. After Felix helped her out of a few sticky situations, they became good friends, but were eventually forced apart due to social pressure. They didn't meet until years later, when Felix was on death row and Lorelei was an emerging lawyer - after she helped him out, they fell in love and got married, and were happy for about a decade. If it wasn't for the whole planet exploding thing they'd probably still be a happy couple. With succesfull jobs. Maybe a few kids. But nah, instead Felix abandoned her on Carcha and she's probably dead. OH WELL.