Tomoe Shimura



1 year, 10 months ago


Name:  Tomoe Shimura (first name, lastname)

Age:   27

Birthday: 7th September

Height:  168cms/5'6

Gender/Pronouns:   He/Him

Sexuality:   Bisexual

Ethnicity/Nationality: Japanese-Canadian

Occupation: Mayor of Lycheen

Tomoe is fun loving and cheerful. He comes off as a very happy  individual who has a positive outlook on life. He gets along with  (practically) everyone and he's great to talk to. He is responsible and knows when to  be serious. He is fun to be around and he has had at least four  relationships before his current one. However, he tends to get anxious a  lot. He doesn't want anyone to know this because he's worried people  will think differently of him and turn on him. He's not quite as  confident as he may seem but he's still more confident than the rest of  his friends (excluding Davie). This is most predominant when he has to  speak in public or in front of people who aren't close to him. He pushes  down these feelings as much as he can. On the exterior it seems  that nothing anyone says affects him but he does get affected deep down.  He appears to be confident and Tomoe firmly believes he can be confident, he will get good grades and people will like  him. And it is true, that is the aura he gives off himself. Though deep  inside he doesn’t really feel like that. He personally thinks if he  truly and honestly feels and thinks that way he will become that way.  Tomoe does indeed become that sort of person. Fake it until you make it, yo.

He likes lychees, tuna sashimi, honesty, his friends, being around his friends,  his family's approval, lychee jelly, being happy, talking to people,  flirting, skirts, the water, the sense of accomplishment, his friends  being happy and trying to cook. (He can't cook at all.)

He dislikes manipulation, alcohol, lying, stress, feeling overly anxious, speaking  in front of crowds (good luck with that mayor tomoe), blackmail, bad relationships, bad memories, his  family to a certain extent and his pancakes burning while he's trying to  cook. (He can't cook at all.)

Tomoe's mother is Canadian and his father is Japanese. His first  language is Japanese and he is fluent in English. He switches languages  frequently and either accidentally or purposely confuses everyone. His paternal relatives used to live near him. They put a huge amount of stress on Tomoe due to them being VERY traditional. His parents don't mind what he does as long as he is happy. He fights often with his cousin Akihiko, both physically and  verbally. He has had four romantic relationships so far: Nikki, Kell,  Rae and Kimble. (He has attempted Ásta, Lentil and Davie without success) He is currently in a happy relationship with Hector Fairburn (much to Nikki's dismay). His relationship with Nikki lasted two weeks  and his relationship with Kimble lasted seven years (and it didn't end  very well, though they are still good friends). He walks with a bounce  in his step. Tomoe would happily wear a minidress, skirt and makeup  though he mainly wears tshirts, trousers and the like. Lentil Mani is his childhood friend. 


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