Hector Fairburn



1 year, 8 months ago


Name:   Hector Fairburn

Age:    27

Birthday:  4th August

Height:  177cms/5'10

Gender/Pronouns:   He/Him

Sexuality:   Gay

Ethnicity/Nationality: English

Occupation: Mayor of Bananama Town

Hector is a friendly, loving and humorous person. He turns bad  situations into good ones by lightening up the mood. He is kind and  caring to children and animals. He is creative and talented in drawing  and painting. Hector wants to help people as much as he can. He is not  very studious and is somewhat lazy (P.E being his worst subject when he  was in school). He's a bit self conscious as he used to be relentlessly  bullied both physically and verbally all throughout primary school and  for two years in secondary/high school. Because of this became shy and  quiet for the majority of his school years, only coming out of his shell  way later on. He knows how people feel after being bullied so he is  determined to keep a happy face and be the positive influence people  need.  He is a jokester and he wants to make people happy. 

He likes bananas, naps, driving his sister's car, chocolate, painting, laughing,  minding small children, being with his boyfriend, hugs, talking with  friends, Labrador puppies, flowers, his mother (bless) and the beach

He dislikes getting sunburnt, stalking, manipulation, too much responsibility,  bullies, crashing his sister's car, cats, being stressed out,  people seeing him upset and those people who are like "Did you draw that?"  when he's in the middle of drawing (what did you think?!)

Hector and his non-identical twin sister Nikki grew up in England (more specifically Liverpool) with their single mother. He is the older twin by ten minutes. He has dated a girl before but he claims it was "Extremely boring, never doing that again" and has gone out with boys ever since. He is  currently in a relationship with Tomoe Shimura. Hector talks in a strong Scouse accent. Oh my god, it's strong. He used to borrow Nikki's car and once crashed it into a bridge. The police were called. Prank gone wrong in the hood. He is very good at painting and probably likes to pretend he's Bob Ross or something. Bob Ross with a Scouse accent. Good god.

He doesn't seem to be very good at being a mayor. He's doing his best, really.

psst, here isHector's aesthetic board