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If you can dream, dream a dream to follow and love forever.
1_moe_by_dreamsverse-dbu2vt5.gif A soft star-like light drifted through space, with nothing around it other than dust and particles. With nothing but stardust. Nothing but passing bits of this universe or the next. Nothing. And yet, through all of the emptiness, the dream fluttered forth, a call for a love and passion. A dream so strong to inhabit the nearly nonexistent wisps of sleeping matter. Imagination and creativity, the love for creation and the possibilities of story, searched for a being to harbor itself within for the person on a far off blue planet. Being so strong, this dream sought out that form, gathering all the secret matter. Molding the body, molding the heart. The Dreamby was born. A heart and soul of the dream, the new being sought out their owner, their dreamer.
Name: Moe
Nickname: N/A
Species: Dreamby
Age: ???
Birth date: ???
Height: 8-9 inches
Weight: ???
Sex: ???
Gender: Female ♀/Fluid
Sexuality: ???
Relationship Status: N/A
Date of Creation: (Closest) April 18, 2015

✘ Loud Noises
✘ Disrespect
✘ Inability to Accept others
✘ People putting down others
Being told to give up on Dreams
♥ Rain
♥ Sleeping time
♥ Daydreaming
♥ Heidi (me!)
Dreaming and Imagination
Having no name, in the beginning, no existence, Moe was nothing but stardust and particles deep in space. She had no consciousness, no ability to think. She was nothing. It was only when a soft light, invisible to all, did everything change. Their body quickly formed around this foreign warmth like dust into a vacuum; a will driven by the mysterious glow that invaded the secrets of space. Every part of her ached, but not from pain, but from the sudden existence. They could smell the emptiness of the void of night. Stretching her fingers, she could feel the cold chill in the emptiness. Opening their mouth and letting out a sigh turned into the music of the voice and the taste of nothing. Finally, they opened their eyes and they could see the many particles about them and the many stars far away. It was then that she felt the tug within her chest. Someone had sent out their dream wish to space, and the little Dreamby wanted nothing more than to return to that person. So... To a far away planet they flew.
Moe is typically a giant bundle of happiness and support. They try their best to see the best in everyone, urging them to be their best. Funnily enough, this Dreamby is also a big dreamer and aims for the stars and far beyond, definitely a part of the dream that gave her birth. Curiosity and a knack for exploration and adventure course through them. They love being creative and making up stories and seeing what everyone else makes. That being said, Moe just can't get Sciences and Mathematics. She pretends or is happy to make up things for stories and character designs, but real academics flies out her head. The dream that powers her harbors only a great love for the imagination. (And no, imaginary numbers [ i ] does not count as something she could understand.) (Important: Keep in mind that she can't really make up her own stories, but echoes off of her Dreamer.)  Sometimes, they can be overly enthusiastic or even pushy sometimes. She's gotten used to knowing when to tone it back with her Dreamer, but with other people she has a hard time knowing when to have restraint. That being said, she tends to be in a calmer happy stupor rather than a hyperactive mass of pure positive energy.