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"The Shadow" is the title given to a small average spectre (Heart of Darkness shadow monster species) who somehow becomes spacestruck outside of his home dimension and as a result goes on adventures with a rag tag team of monster friends along the way

The Shadow was my player character from our friend group's TTRPG session of Dungeon World known as Monster Party that ran between 2020 and 2022

In Shadow's canon, spectres are solidified as being child-like and driven by hunger first and foremost rather than purely by malice. Once free from the tyranny of the Master of Darkness he quickly makes decisions for himself and becomes his own person.

By the end of the campaign Shadow puts his friends above his carnal animalistic desires. These include Roomba the gelatinous cube, Darryl the owlbear, Tik'teron the tri'keen, and a hellhound named Grim. He loves them dearly and they give his life comfort and purpose.

Canonically at the end of the campaign the universe is obliterated in an instant. I'll definitely be retconning this in order to bring Shadow into other worlds. It makes my heart hurt. It is canon that in one other situation a "universe destroying event" actually blasted the party into another dimension/world so we can hope... Or at least that's what I'm going with.

The original plan was for Shadow's friends to eventually give him a name at some point along the way in their adventure but this didn't happen. Might retcon this too. Who knows.

Additional Facts

Shadow isn't actually a picky eater provided he remains relatively uninformed about what he's eating. At one point it's revealed that Shadow doesn't fully understand the differences between vegetables (a gross thing he won't eat) and meat (the greatest thing in the universe) and is shown to love carrots while fully believing that they are a kind of meat.

Shadow has a debilitating fear of fire.

Prior to the events of Monster Party, Shadow was virtually indistinguishable from other spectres.

In Shadow's canon, spectres are fully capable of speech but generally never learn languages outside of the native spectre language. Shadow's time spent among other intelligent creatures has provided him the opportunity. He has a grade 3 reading level and quickly learns things through social situations.

Shadow has never eaten an earth boy despite constantly bragging as such. It's customary for spectres to boast amongst themselves about successful nonexistent hunts in a way akin to "the fish was THIS big" despite most spectres not really getting to eat much of anything at all.

Shadow managing to escape the Darkland through an unspecified dimensional rift occurred before the events of the game Heart of Darkness. As such he does not know about Andy or his old Master's defeat.

Shadow irrationally hates dragons because of the power they wield and their similarity to the Master of Darkness.

In Shadow's canon, spectre teeth are translucent and needle-like akin to deep sea fish and these teeth can be retracted into the goopy shadow flesh when not needed.

In Dungeon World, Shadow was thief class with chaotic alignment. Because of this he's a knife-wielding maniacal child obsessed with sharp and shiny things.

Shadow is absolutely loaded with small treasure because of a scheme in which he pretended to drown in a treasure-laden garbage river in the sewers of a big city. He doesn't fully understand the concept of wealth and likes to show off shiny rings and gems while throwing his wealth around willy nilly generally to get respect, food, and superficial power.