Suikana (Traits)



Every Suikana has a variety of traits.  These are split up into four tiers: Common (C), Uncommon (U), Rare (R), and Legendary (L).  The highest tier of traits a Suikana can have is determined by their rarity:

  • Common Suikana can only have Common traits.
  • Court Suikana can have up to Uncommon traits.
  • Honored Suikana can have up to Rare traits.
  • Trick Suikana can have any rarity of traits.
These rarity restrictions can be ignored by admin characters (Such as Royal having one horn despite being a Court Suikana) or by premade adoptables.

Trait rarities are as follows:
  • Horns
    • Two Horns (C)
    • One Horn (R)
    • No Horns (L)
  • Symbols
    • Chest Symbol (C)
    • Clothing Symbol (U)
    • Hand Symbol (R)
    • Hair Symbol (L)
    • One Symbol (C)
    • 2+ Symbols (R)
  • Elements
    • Standard Element (C)
    • Non-Standard Element (R)
    • 2+ Elements (L)
  • Colors
    • Standard Color (C)
    • Non-Standard Color (R)