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Valentine Piotovich

Val is made of sunshine. She's wonderfully personable and highly charismatic--and she should be, as the owner and barkeep of a popular inn. She is friendly and amicable to everyone, and seems like a perfectly cheerful person who's never seen in a bad mood. The truth is that Val is a charming ray of sunshine--but she is also a force of nature who will go head to head with gods themselves if it is what is necessary to keep her family safe. At the end of the day, her loved ones are the only thing that matters to her, and all things are a means to that end.

Pronunciation VHAL - en - tine

Pronouns She/Her

Race Tiefling

Class Warlock

Subclass He Who Swallowed The Sun

Age 32 years

Height 5'7"

Do Draw Them
  • Joyful/Loving/Sunshiney/etc
  • With Luka, Jaska, and/or Axa (see Relationships tab for details)
  • In any outfit (existing or otherwise) that suits her
  • With or without Rhaithl, her staff
Don't Draw Them
  • Angry/Broody/Pouty/any negative emotion really
  • With pupils (she has none)
  • Too thin (she's pleasantly plush in build)


Valentine is more or less of an average height, with a plush build that looks absolutely delightful to hug. The colors of her body are soft and light, and every part of her is pleasant and friendly to look at. She is completely blind, and has been since birth, so her other senses have sharpened somewhat to help compensate. In spaces she's familiar with, she can navigate her environment almost as flawlessly as a sighted person, but in unfamiliar places she is well and truly blind. To make her life easier, the bar she works (as well as her personal home) are meticulously organized with everything in very exact places, allowing her to always know where everything is.

Rhatihl was once her warlock patron, a powerful deity-like aberration who treated its warlocks as expendable tools. Val and her brother, Luka, originally shared him as a patron, but when their dabbling invited suffering into Luka's life, Val took initiative and tricked Rhatihl, managing to trap him in what she now keeps as a staff, with the glassy eye and its moving pupil Rhatihl's only window into existence. Imprisoned in this way, Val uses him as a direct source of magic, for which she has become her brother's patron to keep Rhatihl incapable of influencing anyone ever again. With a god-like aberration in her pocket and at her disposal, Valentine's own power has deepened--though this is rarely noticeable to people who meet her. Instead, she maintains her reputation as a cheerful, unflappable, highly charismatic barkeep, known for her stunning looks, personable demeanor, and her flawless skill at bartending despite total blindness. It's only those who glimpse the deeper veins of eldritch horror she has harnessed and wields fluently who find her perpetual, sunshiney smiles a little unsettling.



Her twin and only sibling for most of her life. They grew up tied together at the hip, and she would and has already moved heaven and earth to protect him.


Jaska came along more recently in their lives in a strange way, turning the twins into triplets. Jaska is nothing like his brother, but Val still loves him fiercely and unconditionally, and like with Luka, would do anything to help keep him safe.


Being Jaska's adopted daughter, Axa is Val's neice, and Val is a very, very good aunt.