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Kaleva is commonly seen as a rather aloof, withdrawn wallflower. He keeps to himself in public, and takes a long time to open up around strangers--but in comfortable, familiar company, his personality unfurls a bit, and he's a warm young man with a heart of gold that has just been through too much undeserved darkness. He loves dogs, knows how to live off the land, and is happiest off in the little cabin he built for himself, his best friend, and their unconventional but colorful family of dogs and necromantic minions.

Pronunciation kah - LAY - vuh

Pronouns He/Him

Race Feral Tiefling

Class Blood Hunter

Subclass Order of the Lycan

Age 29

Height 5'6"

Do Draw Them
  • Aloof/broody/angry/calm/peaceful/happy/etc.
  • In any outfit (existing or otherwise) that suits him
  • With Skena, Atreyu, and/or Gummy (see Relationships tab for details)
  • In tiefling, werewolf, or wolf form (he does not have to be raging or in combat to shift to his lycan forms)
Don't Draw Them
  • Too bubbly our outgoing looking
  • Without his piercings (he has a ring on his left nostril, and two rings on the edge of his left ear, all silver) or without his scars (a prominent facial scar that runs from his right temple down his cheek; he also has countless scars covering his arms where he has run his sword to draw blood for his magic)
  • With pupils; he has none


Kaleva stands about 5'6", with charcoal gray skin and a lean build. He has choppy black hair that hangs down in front of his horns, short in the back and longer in the front. The palms of his hands and feet are a lighter, more ashen color. His horns grow forward from his head at the base, but then sweep back at a ninety degree angle. He has a long, whip-like tail with a thin trail of hair running down the length of it and ending in a feathery tuft at the end. His eyes are a solid neon teal color, with no discernable pupil or sclera. He has a silver ring on his left nostril, and two silver rings high up on the cartilage of his pointed ears. A scar runs down the right side of his face from brow to cheek, just outside the corner of his eye. He also has numerous scars on his arms from his use of hemocrafting, and a prison brand on the inside of his right wrist, but he usually wears long sleeves to cover these. He can usually be found wearing some kind of leather armor, or belted v-neck tunics over simple pants and boots, and wields a pair of scimitars. He also wears an ankh on a gold chain around his neck.

Hybrid Form:

Slightly larger than Kaleva's natural form, not enough to go bursting out of his clothing whenever he transforms. Sleek black Egyptian wolf/jackal-looking beast. Long, slender muzzle and large pointed ears. Talon-like claws, teal eyes with black sclera and black pupils, backward-facing horns and a long whip-like tail.

Wolf Form:

Black Egyptian wolf/jackal, not unusual in size but maybe slightly more muscular than a real one, will need to remove clothing to move about effectively and not draw attention but keeps his ankh necklace on. Looks like a normal Egyptian wolf or jackal except for the color of his eyes, which remain teal, but have black sclera and pupils.



His platonic soulmate and best friend. They live together, have been through hell together, and are committed to staying together for the rest of their lives. Through her, Kaleva formed a bond with the god Anubis, who has seemingly taken him underwing.


Kaleva's trusty companion, a dog the size of a horse that Skena got for him as a puppy.


An old friend. Not as old as Skena, but Ingrid was there for Kaleva during a dark time when Skena wasn't in his life, and though they have very little in common, he still considers her a friend.


Achoris is Skena's uncle, so Kaleva has been around him a fair bit, sometimes sharing a living space with him. They get along well enough.

Owner: Dakota - I host my bestie's characters on this account with his permission; I love seeing art of them, too!