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If there's anything to be learned from an encounter with this Reflection, it is to never trust him. At his best Sightmare is a mischievous trickster who loves to play pranks and laugh and mock those who fall into his traps. It is during these bursts of cheer and a good attitude that those who know him can rest easy, for he only goes after those who are not used to evading him. But at any other time, Sightmare can be described as nothing less than psychotic. Grinning deviously, he hunts down the weakest he can find and torments them, plays tricks on their mind until they can stand it no more. He loves to see them break, witness their insane rampage, smile down upon the monster he has created. Because of this, Sightmare is hated by many, and he enjoys every minute of it. He thrives off of attention. It would take the most dire, outlandish, completely implausible situation for ones who know him to even consider going to him for help or an alliance. Needless to say, he is not a good guy.

But while that may be true, it is all he is capable of. Being a ghost, a Reflection, has its downsides. He can only play mind games and slightly move psychical objects while in his ghost form, completely relying on cunning and the fragility of his victims' psyche when attempting to break them. His psychical form, however, is a whole other story entirely.

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Relations with Others:


[b]When Drawing:[/b] I understand that Sightmare's snout is hard to draw at times (since the original image doesn't have a sideways facing view) so this is what his snout looks like sideways! [img][/img]


(I have multiple characters that have done bad things, but none of them are like Sightmare. Chester, my edgy deer, only turns bad because he is afflicted with lycanthropy and can't control it-when he kills, it isn't his fault. Rain only kills for honor and to protect others, only killing monsters when they directly attack her. I even have a character than kidnaps innocents and uses them for experiments where he turns them into monsters, but only because of a sick, twisted form of love; he is in love with another scientist, and wants to catch her attention by creating a new species and impressing her. But Sightmare... is different. He does bad things for fun. He likes to see others suffer, for no other reason other than that he just does. In one of my AUs, he was able to break the mind of a teenager and then made them kill their whole family for entertainment. Sightmare likes to cause pain, and likes to feel it too. That's why he chose to be in his physical form, instead of his ghost form where any physical objects can't hurt him. His ultimate goal is to create absolutely anarchy by turning everyone into monsters that kill for sport, starting with Rain, which is why he even lured her there. Sightmare can feel affection and love, but only to a rare select few, like Dan. But needless to say, he is not a good guy.

So yeah, the perfect arch-nemesis for Rain. That's just what he started out as, a casual, unimportant antagonist for Silverflecked Village, but as I began to build upon his story and personality he became so much more than that. He got motivations, a backstory, powers, strengths and weaknesses, and his own personality that none of my other characters have. So, in all honesty, I have no idea even how he turned out to be so psychotic and evil-he just did. XD)

His mirror was an appliance of many functions, and one was safely storing magic. I can still die from blood loss. If that does happen, then everything just disintegrates and she'll sadly be left without a nearly-invincible plaything.

Well, to be honest, this isn't my true form," he admitted. "I'm actually a ghost-like creature-was born one actually. Using magic, I can give myself a physical form. And since my physical form is entirely made of magic, it has a few advantages. If I am hit with a blow that would immediately kill me, say my neck being snapped, this form dies. But if I am injured in a way that is lethal, but takes more time to kill me-take my arm for example," Sightmare gestured to his stump of a left arm, which was still dripping neon blood onto the ground, "then I can survive. You see, this form healed by magic. If it absorbs magic, like I have stored in my mirror, then it can heal and even regenerate limbs. If there's no other source, then it will absorb it from my body, in which I will need to eat to regenerate. If the wound will kill me faster, then I'll need to immediately absorb magic. If I don't, than this form will die." On that note, Sightmare managed a sort of grim, sinister smile. "But, if this form dies, I do not. You see, if my physical form dies, I return to my spectral form, and am able to give myself a new physical form once I have regenerated enough magic. The only way to kill me permanently is by killing me when I'm in my spectral form, and even then it must by done by someone in the same physical plane. So yes, I can die."