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***His anatomy is like a mix between a fox and a dog***

CS Species: Factory Dog (

Factory dogs belong to Minamimoto

Name: Zwei //means two in German//

Gender: Male

Breed/Species: Fox Hybrid

Height: 3ft (feral)

Birthday: April 22nd

Age: 20



Zwei is a Jester themed FD! He likes to bug Halcyon, and is probably his only "true friend" as his trickster personality allows him to not be bothered by Halcyon's arrogant narcissistic attitude.

Zwei also has somewhat of a two-faced/spilt personality! However I just mean that he has two contrasting sides. (Not the cases where its a separate personality and x personality isn't aware/in control—he's still 100% himself!! Lol)

In this case—one side would be more normal and fun/eccentric and silly whereas the other side is darker/creepy/mad.

The two-faced/split personality idea came to me because of his design! As seen in his original feral form, his face is a split design. It's as if he's literally "two-faced" Originally I wasn't sure if I would actually apply that to his personality but then I decided it would be pretty neat!!

Another detail to note regarding his design elements is that he was named Zwei for all of those double/reverse elements in his design! It even works with the split/two-faced aspect of his design!

Zwei is proud of his eyes! //because they're beautiful duh// 

He thinks his eyes are cool being reverse and all and the fact that his pupils are coloured. He would never try to hide his eyes unless he wants to blend in (such as blending in with society in a human disguise). He does not exhibit any discomfort about his "strange eyes". Others can call it weird or freakish etc  but it doesn't affect him whatsoever.

Zwei's human disguise has the original "jester version" which ties in many design elements with his feral form and stays true to his theme. But he also has an Alt. Version without the jester look, since factory dogs typically use their physical human illusions to help them blend in with the human society! 

Please note that the rune is on his LEFT side only!!













-has long claws

FD Traits:



Toss Pipe-Common

Energy Tips-Common

White Ghost Energy-Common

Fluffy(ish) Mane-Common


Halcyon, closest friend.

****Current status of relationship to Halcyon is unknown because the original creator/owner of him left DA (and social media in general?) so I can no longer keep in touch with them****