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Basic Info



Aliases / Nicknames

Thal, Haley (Real Name), Thangled Thylacine (Sexy Name), GoldHusky (Gaming Nickname), PAK (Old Name)






March 16 (♓)





Nationality / Ethnicity

Scottish / Caucasian


Thalateya is my fursona! 

Thalateya's Artwork


  • Shy, quiet; Thalateya has social anxiety and will almost always keep to herself, preferring to play with toys, games, or draw than to talk to people. The circle of people who knows well enough to talk to is quite small.
  • Goofy, friendly, funny, flirty; Thalateya is a good person to be around, she likes to make jokes and make other people laugh, and these jokes are usually really stupid.
  • Artistic, perfectionist, creative; She is very artistic, and while her speciality is in digital art she loves all kinds of art forms such as vectors, pixel art, inks – she has recently been getting into custom dolling.
  • Hoarder; Thal collects… a lot of stuff. She is a hoard of all her characters of plushies, which she cuddles often.


  • Thalateya is a thylacine, although her fur is a deeper brown rather than tan. She has a white snout, chest, and feet, with her left leg being completely covered and her right leg and tail only partially. Her stripes are on her rump, legs, tail and shoulders. She has darker brown patches on her eyes, ears and hands. She also has freckles, mostly dark brown but there are some white on her left eyebrow.
  • Her build is fairly average, with an average height, flat chest and wide hips.
  • Thal has green eyes the insides of her ears are white, and her nose is dark grey. She has a gap between her front teeth. Thalateya has no eyelashes and small whisker dimples. He also has a pouch that is rarely seen.
  • She has shiny, dark chestnutty brown hair which is usually left loose with a cowlick fringe. Up until recently, she had very long hair that would reach her waist, allthough it has recently been cut and barely reaches her shoulder.
  • Her collar is chunky, dark grey with silver studs, along with a silver paw print tag.
  • Thal’s older outfit features a green beret, a blue/yellow stripey t-shirt and black trousers, along with a dog tag that matched her collar. Her newer outfit features a black sports bra, a green off-shoulder shirt and ugg boots.


  • Is also a god in all the worlds I make. Fact.
  • Thalateya was originally a ‘thycloat’, a cross between a thylacine and a stoat, but I decided to just make her a thylacine when I realised I was just doing a thycloat because thycloat sounded fun to say. Guess that explains the brown fur then.
  • This girl was actually made before I started using Thalateya as my username. My old username was ‘PokeartKid’, but I eventually changed to ‘Thalateya’ because it sounded more like an actual name.