Alpine's Ownership

Please read the Characters FAQ for further information on permissions and original ownership!

Character Permissions

Can be regifted
Can be retraded
Can be resold

Design Terms of Use

paganpaws Global Rules


Design TOS

  • You may not transfer any of my designs to anyone on my blacklist (Chomchom, Mituna, viixxenadopts.)

    Transferring my designs to any blacklisted users results in you being blacklisted as well as a public beware.

    My designs have a 7 day cooldown before they can be put back up for offers.

    You may not remove any credit for my designs or art, no matter what! This will give an instant blacklist, and possible beware if I see it, or if I get told about it.

    You must have my credits for the design visible if you are trading the oc.

    Failure to follow any of these terms lands you on my blacklist, and a possible block. Ignoring / not reading my TOS is not an excuse.

Commission TOS

  • I reserve the right to refuse any commission for any reason without question.

    I will not accept commissions from blacklisted users, nor will I accept commissions of characters created by blacklisted users.

    I will not accept commissions that include NSFW, kinks, fetishes, vents, dr*gs / alc**ol, heavy gore etc.

    You may use the commissioned work for personal use only (this includes avatars, signatures, wallpapers, etc.), but credit must be given.

    I reserve the right to display the commissioned piece on my website(s), online galleries, and in my portfolios. (If the character is an original character, you will be credited accordingly if asked)

    I reserve the rights of to the artwork, so you may not use the commissioned work for any projects (commercial or nonprofit) without my direct permission, nor redistribute the artwork as your own.

    Clients are not permitted, under any circumstances, to use any part of their commissioned artwork for non fungible tokens. Use of the artwork for any advertising or profits associated with non fungible tokens or cryptocurrency is strictly prohibted.

FREE designs may not be sold or traded unless commissioned art has been added.

Designs obtained via TRADES can be resold but may not be sold for more than their base value + commissioned art value.

Designs obtained via SALES may not be sold for more than their base value + commissioned art value.