Shane Spark



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”Bromeo, Bromeo, I love you but no homeo~”


Name:Shane Robyn SparkCalled:Shane
Age:14Gender:Male, he/him
Ethnicity:IrishBirthday:8th October
Aesthetic Board:Here!Favourite Song:Here!


  • Eyeliner
  • His guitar
  • “Old” music
  • Ducks


  • Lucy Castell
  • Being mistaken as a girl
  • When people ignore the fact he has a severe mushroom allergy
  • When people talk over him


  • Extra
  • Dramatic
  • Friendly
  • Happy-go-lucky



Shane Spark is the second youngest of four. He is in Second Year (2nd-S) in Bridgeport College. He lives with his family in Bóthar na gCrann. Shane is, lightly putting it, camp. He is very feminine and is often mistaken as a girl, due to his height and how high pitched his voice is. It might also have to do with how he wears makeup. He just likes to break gender roles a lot, nothing wrong with that! For lack of better word, he’s extra and extremely so. He doesn’t care when people call him a girl as long as it isn't intended in an insulting way.

Shane loves music and plays the guitar often. He sings too (not very well, but he doesn’t care.) He is very happy go lucky. He tries to make people laugh each day and tries to be the positive energy people need. He’s always grinning or laughing! …. Except when his older brother, Kian kicks him out of bed and he ends up on the ground. That hurts. Like, a lot. He gets along well with his siblings, despite the wars when he is kicked away. He especially looks up to Kian as a role model and he likes the way he styles his hair, so Shane copies him, flicking the spikes the other way. (Kian doesn't tell him that it's just his bed hair). He looks up to Erika too, sometimes trying to mimic the way she acts. He and Maria are very close in age and maintain a normal sibling rivalry. They argue, but they mean well! He gets on well with his mother, Avaand his step-father, Ciarán. He has a rivalry with Lucy Castell and they do not like each other at all. Ironically, Shane is good friends with her younger sister Luna. Perfection.

Shane actually has a lot of internalised issues he doesn't want to talk about and he refuses to acknowledge they're there. They get him into a lot of trouble later on. He hated his time in Primary School at St. Lauren’s. It was a strange school and Shane's convinced that something was unnatural there. A lot of stuff happened at St. Lauren's.

Ciarán Spark is not his biological father. Shane does not know who his biological father is. The only thing he knows about him is that he lives in the North, his name is Robyn and he disappeared just before he was born. A wonderful person. Not like he cares, anyway.

Shane has a very severe allergy to mushrooms. He has to wear a wristband to let people know. If he so much as even touches something a mushroom would be on, there are negative consequences. Bad.




[ Best friends ]

They’ve been best friends since they were four years old. There’s no way they’ll stop being friends. They’ve been there for each other for as long as either of them can remember. They’ll always be best friends. Shane has always looked out for Aidan and Aidan has always looked out for Shane.


[ Best friends ]

They were seating partners because their surnames right beside each other on the class list. From then on, they became fast friends. Shane is fully aware that Emil wants to be like him and isn’t quite sure what to do about that. They joke around a lot, but sometimes both of them can go too far. All’s good, though. Maybe.


[ Best friends ]

Shane and Deborah give each other makeup tips. He plays the music and she sings the lyrics. They’re great friends. They give each other The Tea. Excellent. Other than that, they look out for each other. They find each other very easy to get along with.