Shane Spark (Memorable Quotes)




“I don't get it either, but it doesn't matter! He doesn't talk but you shouldn't be mean to him!” (St. Lauren's)

“Bromeo, Bromeo, I love you but no homeo.”  (XOXO)

Kian always told me to stop using the word literally if it's not literal but HERE I AM, DYING BECAUSE SOMEONE PUT A MUSHROOM IN SPAGHETTI, LITERALLY.  (You had ONE job)

She gets me, I don’t know how she does but she does it. She understands me. I never.... I never really met anyone like that.   (Luna Moon)

“Aaaand sent.” He grins. I’m convinced he’s evil and he's out to get me. That's what all older brothers do.   (Luna Moon)

"I'm camp, or something," I told her.
"Huh? You're a camp?! Your family is a tent?!" Luna exclaims.
"... No, ask your sister."                             (Deleted scene)

Oh great, Mam found some old videos. I bet the video of me falling down the stairs is here.   (Video tapes.)

"What is a CASSETTE tape?! ... Why are you laughing?"   (Video tapes)

Non Canon


"Shane freaks out and trips, killing himself."

"Shane needs a fucking break."