Aidan Lawson



2 years, 7 months ago


”My life is like my arm... Incomplete.”


Name:Aidan LawsonCalled:Aidan
Age:14Gender:Male, he/him
Height:175cmsSexuality:Absolutely no interest
Ethnicity:IrishBirthday:22nd January
Aesthetic Board:Here!Favourite Song:Here!


  • His friends
  • Jelly
  • Patterned eggcups
  • Playing the cello


  • Juliana Rowan
  • Woodworking
  • Dogs
  • Animals in general


  • Innocent
  • Friendly
  • Loyal
  • Excitable



Aidan Lawson is an only child and lives with his father, Tyler. He is in Second Year (2nd-S) in Bridgeport College. His mother, Juliana walked out on him and his father when he was eight years old. Because of this he resents his mother when she comes back into their life. He looked up to his aunt Anita and loved her dearly and took care of them for four or five years. He was devastated when she passed away when he was about twelve.

Aidan attended St. Lauren’s Primary School when he was younger and was in the same class as Shane. Since then, they have been best friends. He can play the cello and had been playing it for a few years. He was good at that too, it’s just that… He lost his left hand in a Woodworking incident. He lost his right eye in yet another incident. He always seems to get himself into accidents such as angering big dogs and having to run for his life. Often, he has to call “Mamil" to come rescue him.

He doesn't like how he has to depend on people and would much rather be independent but life doesn't go his way sometimes. (Well, most times.) Sometimes he can be blunt with his words and may offend people without meaning to. As well as that, he sometimes doesn’t understand the double meaning of his words. He is very touchy and sometimes gets very into your personal space which can be rather annoying. He just likes hugs a lot. He loves his friends and cares about them a lot. He doesn't know what he'd do without them and is grateful every day that he has them.

He's very straight-forward with what he wants to say. He doesn't sugar-coat. He just says things and worries later.

He is a follower of Magdalism, a religion set up somewhere between the years 8000-8900. He very firmly believes in Magdalism but doesn’t really care if you don’t. When he is older, he would like to study Law… Or something. He’s working on that.

Aidan is autistic. He is oversensitive to sound and loud noises (like drills, which is why he doesn't like woodworking.) He also can't stand certain textures, like unpolished wood and certain shoelaces.

Aidan can speak Irish. He grew up in a Gaeltacht area for three years, and Tyler occasionally speaks Irish with him. He's the best in his Irish class!




[ Best friends ]

They’ve been best friends since they were four years old. There’s no way they’ll stop being friends. They’ve been there for each other for as long as either of them can remember. They’ll always be best friends.


[ Best friends ]

They’re best of friends. Emil looks out for Aidan whenever he can and tries his best to look after him. Aidan claims that he doesn’t need looking after and he is a strong, independent person, but he’s a mess. He’s grateful that Emil’s there.


[ Best friends ]

They’re best friends. Aidan looks out for Deborah and she does the same. She always calls or texts him every day just to check up on him. He thinks she’s very sweet and she gets him eggcups! What’s not to like?