Aidan Lawson (Memorable Quotes)



“Was I not meant to do that?” I asked, like an idiot. (XOXO)

“I’m making a birdhouse, sir,” Jackson says. He holds up a block of wood I assume is a birdhouse. It looks terrible. I could make better, it's just that I hate this class. (It doesn't hurt)

“It was an….” I bite my lip and try to think of what I want to say. Hm.... “Accident.”
Accident?!” Emil splutters. “Did you just decide, “Oh look! A wood chipper! Gonna shove my hand in there!””
Yes, pretty much."   (It doesn't hurt)

Aidan swatted at him.
“You made me feel bad.”
“Good,” Emil replies heartlessly.  (You had ONE job)

“I like carbs,” Aidan says. "They make me happy. I can't think of anything sadder than not eating nice soft white bread instead of that fake seed stuff."    (You had ONE job)

“Oh, know what this is!” Aidan says triumphantly. “It's an allergic reaction,” he adds, as if it were necessary to point out.   (You had ONE job)

I have one eye, one hand and probably one brain cell. And I'm just fifteen!     (Please don't be sad)

"I have a joke!" Aidan inputs triumphantly. He turns beside him. "Emil, ask me how you spell British."
"DO IT!"
"Okay, Aidan, how do you spell British?" Emil says, humouring him.
"B-R-I-I-S-H." He grins. "Now ask me where the "t" went."
"Okay, Aidan, where did the "T" go?"
"Mathilda threw it into the River!" Aidan finishes, starting to laugh.
"I tell you one Mathilda story and this happens! One story!"             (Deleted scene)

Captain Hook: The salt is 👀✋👌👍
Emmy: Look at all those hands you don't have.
Captain Hook: that hurt
Emmy: good.                (You had ONE job)

"Aidan?" Deborah asks. "I don't mean to be rude but why are you in the music and woodworking class if you don't like loud noises?"
She has a very sad point.        (Loudly)

"My life is like my arm... Incomplete."
"Shane you hoe you so slow."          (A series of lyrics in Tomodachi Life that I forgot someone put there.)

"Why are you all so loud?!" I manage to get out.
"Aidan, we're in the music class."
"Oh, shut up!"    (Loudly.)