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this damn boi is oversensitive to sounds yet is in the music class

Oh my goodness . . . he's so sweet and good . . . I just love seeing autistic characters, and he feels so human to me . . . A nice mix of good and bad life moments, and his eyepatch is adorable . . .

AAAA Thank you!!! ♥♥ I'm really happy you like Aidan. He's a really sweet character and I'm glad you think he feels so human :D ♥

Hello, it's me again! And I'm writing this while I'm finishing some English homework about Ireland... Pretty funny when considering Aiden's nationality haha, homework will never let me alone ;; 

Buuuut whatever! Let's focus on your character! owo I came here because of his eyepatch lmao... OCs with eyepatches are cute! ♥ Also, as autistic person, it's nice to see an autistic OC on TH who's explicitly stated as such, had his life impacted in a way because of it, but isn't only defined by it and has other interesting traits! 

I'm particularly curious about the religion he follows: you said it was very interesting, what does it consists in? :D Moreover, were you inspired by some particular real-life religions when creating it?

Hello again! Yay, you're right, eyepatches are cute! I'm all for proper representation in OCs and the media so I tried to represent his autism as good as I could. ♥ 

I used to be very interested in researching cults and I suspect that Magdalism was the result of that. I mean, not the best representation of religions but it's mainly inspired after the more "positive (??)" parts of cults. It's not quite a cult, I'm still not quite sure what it is; it's a new religious movement I would say. I think it was partially inspired by a combination of religions. I'm not quite sure which ones exactly, though I can see aspects that came from Christianity and Islam. I'll have to check up on exactly which religions it was inspired by! 

Thank you for your comment! I'm happy that you like Aidan!!  ♥♥♥

You're very welcome! Magdalism seems very interesting indeed, I like how it's a positive mixture of things! :D 

You know how I commented Emil as my fav? Scratch that. They both are.

magda bless his spirit