Emil Sasse



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”Hey, Sunshine.”


Name:Emil Ollimoll SasseCalled:Emil
Age:14Gender:Male, he/him
Ethnicity:Irish-EnglishBirthday:2nd December
Aesthetic Board:Here!Theme/Favourite Song:Here!!


  • Cats
  • Animals in general
  • Chess
  • Eggs


  • Loud noises
  • How sensitive he is
  • When Mathilda calls him at inconvenient times
  • People who are just unnecessarily mean


  • Big hearted
  • Sensitive
  • Kind
  • Lover of all animals



Emil is the youngest of two. He lives with his brother, Ross, his parents, Oliverand Mollyand their au pair (He doesn’t know what she is), Mitsuki Okazaki in a house known as Manor Inn. He is in Second Year (2nd-S) in Bridgeport College. He seems to be a bit boring to some. He is a bit of a loner and is rather socially awkward. Emil is a big advocate for animal rights. He loves every animal and has once gone vegan (that was a disaster). He would spend his free time volunteering at various animal shelters whenever he could. He has a little grey cat known as Keterina. Keterina appears to not like Emil very much for some reason. He doesn't really mind. He spends a lot of time around animals and he has cat hair everywhere.

He gets along well with his cousin, Mathilda Sinclair. Mathilda, through a set of unfortunate circumstances, ended up being the Queen of England and she demands to see her favourite cousin, who she has affectionately dubbed “Eggy.” Oh dear. Emil loves going to visit her. She’s one of his best friends. He and Ross don’t always get along. Given that he was almost murdered by his brother many times when he was younger, they don’t have the best relationship. It’s based on toleration. His family is extremely wealthy. Like absolutely, extremely wealthy. They are an influential family as Oliver is the Minister of Justice and Equality and Molly is related (by marriage) to the English Royal family (and their relatives owned a lot of shares in big companies). Whack. But they’re a very good family. I’m glad.

Emil is a very good student. He actually studies. I know right, a miracle! Well, it’s not like he has anything else to do. He tolerates school. It’s not his favourite place to be. For one, even though that class 2nd-G is terrible to everyone, they seem to go out of their way to be worse to him. He knows why, but… It hurts! He is very sensitive to what people say or think about him. People could throw harmless remarks at him, but Emil would tend to overthink it a lot. He hates how he is so sensitive and wishes he could change that, but he doesn’t know how to do that. He is fully aware that he shouldn’t really be in Bridgeport College, but things happen. He doesn’t know why he’s in Bridgeport College, a DEIS school, instead of some boarding school or something (Ross knows), but he’s glad he’s there despite that.

He has a big heart. He is known by his friends as "Mother" or "Mamil" because of how caring he is to his friends. He always makes sure they eat, and they get home safe and they have plasters on their papercuts. He’s very caring and he wants his friends to be well.

Emil tends to overthink situations a lot and he's very cautious when around people he deems as suspicious. He can’t quite remember why this is, but he knows that something happened when he was younger which made him like this. His cousin, Mathilda calls him at very inconvenient times and he has to answer or else she will ask someone to hack into his phone and force him to answer. This is not fun.

Emil has picked up the Sasse habit of calling everyone “sunshine” as a nickname.
He's picked up Mathilda's Received Pronunciation accent and this is hilarious in contrast to the rest of his family.




[ Best friends ]

Emil will always look out for Aidan. He always wants to make sure he’s alright. Aidan’s house is in the field beside Manor Inn, so he often visits. It’s not that he doesn’t trust Aidan to look after himself, it’s just that he gets overly worried. They are close friends.


[ Best friends ]

Deborah may be the most mature, but Emil’s just as mature as her too! They’re like the parents of their group… (Oh… Bad thought…) They have many strange inside jokes between them and they can be oblivious to how each other are feeling sometimes. It’s strange, but they still care for each other.


[ Best friends ]

Emil was approached by Shane in First Year and was immediately impressed by how confident and outgoing he appeared to be and he has always looked up to that and aspired to be like him. Shane is fully aware of this and Emil doesn’t know that he knows. They joke around a lot, but sometimes Emil can take it the wrong way. They’re fine, though.