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Emil is such a nice character! The first thing that caught my eye about him was his brilliant green eyes, which are such a nice shade! His relationships are really well done and his bio is wonderful! I love how he's sweet and kind in contrast to what many people think of an average 14 yr old boy. 

Aww thanks for the sweet comment!

Aah I really like Emil! It always makes me super happy to see male characters who have a very caring and compassionate side ;v;9 He honestly comes across as a total sweetheart while still having that somewhat chaotic feeling to it typical for teenage boys with their shenanigans and not always very smart decisions / lack of life experience. 

This time around I came here with questions!

  • Considering Emil is very tall for someone his age, has it ever been a source of insecurity for him? 
  • What are some of the reasons he is ridiculed for by 2nd-G?
  • What would Emil consider the most dangerous thing he has gotten himself into? How did he handle it? 
  • What exactly is the accident that happened to him when he was 4?

Aaah thank you for the lovely comment !! :D It means a lot that you like him ♥♥ 

  • He comes from a family of very tall people and it has helped him see that being tall isn't a thing to be ashamed of. He does somewhat see it as a source of insecurity, but not all the time
  • One of the reasons why is because their school is known as a DEIS school (Delivering Equality of Opportunity- a school built in a disadvantaged area) and "Why would a wealthy student need to go to a DEIS school? Why does someone like him live around here? If his family really is as good as they say, can't they help the school?" other reasons would be his appearance and the way he talks and other petty reasons like that :/
  • The most dangerous thing that he has gotten into has to be that incident when he was four. He doesn't really remember it but he does consider it the most dangerous thing. Since he was 4 when it happened, he handled it like a child would: He became more jumpy, more cautious and more scared of things and this kind of never went away as a result
  • This accident has to do more with Mathilda but he was there when it happened, so here's a very basic summary: Her parents were assassinated and they were about to assassinate her but Emil was over there and he was standing in front of her so he got shot instead of her. Absolutely not ideal. He doesn't remember it very well and he doesn't want to :/

The pleasure is all mine!!

This is actually my first time ever hearing about DEIS schools, which I guess just proves how different the Finnish schooling system is compared to, well, the rest of the world really haha. But oh man I can just imagine how that could get to you, especially given how rough his childhood was and how jumpy he already was because of the trauma ;;; I REALLY WANT THINGS TO TURN OUT GOOD FOR HIM bplease be nice to him...........

I think learning about schooling systems is really interesting!! I like seeing how different other countries are ^^ And will things turn out good for Emil? Will I be nice to him? hmmmm,,,,,,,


can't make any promises :) 

I really like Emile!

His design is simple yet recognizable! His bio is well written and I really love the dynamics between him and his two friends. 

Emile is a really well balanced character with flaws and strong points. His soft character (the mom friend) is really cute and fits him really wel ♥️

Aaaaaaa! Thank you for the lovely comment ♡♡♡ I'm glad that you like him!♡


also 2 g that's a lot of classes how big is his school even

there are the S, I, F and G classes and they go like 1st-S, 2nd-S, 3rd-S, Transition Year, 5th-S and 6th-S lol. The letter means what language are they taking so like S = Spanish, I = Italian F = French G = German

Ok that makes more sense lol