Deborah Tambala



2 years, 7 months ago


”Hey, sweets, how are you doing?”


Name:Deborah Asale TambalaCalled:Deborah, Debby
Age:14Gender:Female, she/her
Height:165cmsSexuality:She's not too sure
Ethnicity:MalawianBirthday:12th March
Aesthetic Board:Here!Favourite Song:Here!


  • Singing
  • Drawing
  • Asserting dominance as the voice of reason
  • Ribbons


  • Maths
  • When people judge her music choices
  • When her mother tells her she can’t hang out with her friends because “they are boys!!!”
  • When people assume she knows how to handle every situation. Calm down.


  • Helpful
  • Kind
  • Artistic
  • Supportive



Deborah Tambala is the younger twin by twenty minutes. She lives with her twin sister, Aiyesha and her mother, Theresa in the Primrose Apartments. She is in Second Year (2nd-S) in Bridgeport College. She likes to hang with her two groups of friends (Shane, Emil, Aidan and Aoife, Eri, Sophie.) Deborah is better at creative subjects such as Art, Music and English rather than Maths or Business. She is able to play the flute. She is known to have an amazing singing voice! She enjoys singing a lot, no matter what it is. She is told that she could enter competitions with her voice, but she doesn’t really care. She sings just because she loves it.

Deborah can be pretty outgoing, but usually she tries to keep to herself. She is not as adventurous as her twin, Aiyesha and will sometimes question what her friends do… Well, always. She doesn’t like the way that just because she mostly hangs out with a group of boys she’s automatically obligated to date them. Gross. Perish the thought. (Yes, I’m looking at you, Theresa Tambala!) She affectionately calls them her “losers” but she loves them. (Platonically.) She is probably the most mature person in both of her groups, thus giving her the nickname of “The Voice of Reason.” She makes the right decisions for both of her groups. They are very grateful. She, too, is the object of ridicule by 2nd-G (they just hate everyone) but she doesn't let it bother her, because she has better things to do with her time. She knows how it bothers her friends sometimes, so she sticks up for them. Well, as best as she can. Sometimes it doesn't always work so then Aiyesha goes stomping after them.

She has… Interesting music choices. She would listen to everything and everything, but surprisingly her favourite choice of music is… Rap rock. Not quite the music you'd expect from someone as sweet and nice as her, but you know, everyone's unique. Of course, she listens to what’s popular at the time too. She likes most music! Music is very important to her because it's what she likes best.

No, she doesn’t know who her father is. No, she doesn’t want to know. No, she doesn’t want a boyfriend. She’s happy with her family just being her, Aiyesha and Theresa.

Deborah often has trouble persuading her mother to let her go out with her friends. She’s fine with Aoife, Eri and Sophie, but not with the other three. It is because “they are boys” (great observation!) This is terrible.

If her friends were to get into arguments with each other, Deborah will stay as neutral as she can. She will not take sides unless there is a person who is clearly wrong. This is difficult.




[ Best friends ]

They’re great friends! Deborah always checks up on Aidan. For some reason, Theresa is fine with her hanging out with him so he visits her apartment sometimes. She knows how much he likes patterned eggcups so she collects them for him when she can! She loves him and he loves her… Platonically.


[ Best friends ]

If Deborah is the most mature in her group, then Emil has to be second. They look out for each other, though both of them can be oblivious to how the other is feeling. They have a lot of inside jokes that outsiders may find a little odd, but they don’t care. Usually.


[ Best friends ]

Deborah sings and Shane plays the tunes. It’s very easy for them to get along! They give each other the gossips and fix each other’s makeup… It’s great! She looks out for him and he does the same. Excellent.