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Ooh tbh I remember her from some previous game threads! It's cool to see how much she has evolved since the last time I checked her profile! 

Anyway, what I like about your characters is how realistic and grounded in reality they are! Your "main 4" especially sound like a sweet and dorky groups of friends to me ^^

Focusing on Deborah now, I like that she basically a regular 14-years-old... yet she has many quirks and small details that make her unique? Like all her interests and personality traits meet in order to do cohesive character! And the fact she's referred to "the Voice of Reason" but then you mention the fact it's still difficult for her to stay neutral is... adorable and well thought out. 

The way you write bios is delightful too, your little commentaries like "calm down" actually made me smile haha! It sounds like you're rambling about someone you actually know, I find it super fun and sweet! 

Well, I guess I also have a question for you, then! Was Deborah's character inspired by someone you know in particular? More generally speaking, what were your inspirations for your "main 4"?

Aww thank you! I'm really glad they turned out realistic! :D I really tried to convey their personality through their bios so I'm super glad it showed! :D
Deborah was actually loosely inspired off of someone who I used to go to school with. She was the best at art in our class and all the teachers looked to her as an inspiration and saw her as the mature one. That was really cool to me back then so I based Deborah loosely on her!
Her name actually used to be Hannah, but then when I went into secondary school there was another cool person whose name happened to be Deborah. I was like, "yes i like that better" and it just stuck from then on :'D

Shane and Aidan were originally inspired off of people I knew, but then they just evolved so far beyond them over time. They're nothing like the two anymore haha (shane was originally a mushroom lmao)
Emil is.... He was a different character. Way different. And I liked that character too much so I just transplanted him from one series to another. The original character was also called Emil and was heavily based on the damn hetalia character. I cannot think of a single reason why. 

Aaa thanks again for your lovely comment! It made me really happy to see it! ^^

You're very welcome aww! ;v;

And wow! Your characters' origins really are something! :')) Especially Shane's, I mean these erasers are the cutest thing?? ;o; Hxdrfcgvfgvh but thank you for answering my questions! :D

Ah, I love this girl. :') She's packed with personality in a way that's funny, and sweet, and so relatable. The way you've described her, she really feels like she could be a real person, like someone I could imagine going to school with.

I love this sweet but strong personality she has, how she's the Voice of Reason and tries to do what's best for her friends, but she tries to stay neutral and fair. It's an interesting character trait, like a really kind and well-meaning sort of bossy, and I like that. Her friend groups sound like fun.

My favorite aspect of her profile is the way you've put her thoughts (and sass!) into it, little bits like "No, she doesn't want a boyfriend" and "(great observation)". It's just really funny and elegantly gets across how Deborah feels about the facts you've put in her profile.

Plus, her design is just super cute :') I feel her on the ribbons; I loved them when I was younger, too!

Aaa thank you so much for the lovely comment!! ♥ It really means a lot!
I'm really happy you like Deborah! She's a character that was kinda hard to work on so it really does mean a lot that people like  her ;;; And the little side comments too, I was hoping someone would notice them! They were fun to do haha

But aaa thank you again for your lovely comment!