Aiyesha Tambala



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"Strap on your boots and off we go! We’re going on a hike whether you like it or not!"


Name: Aiyesha Sigele Tambala

Nicknames: Aye-Aye

Age: 14

Height: 165cms

Ethnicity/Nationality: Malawian

Gender/Pronouns: She/her

Sexuality: Lesbian

Family Members: Theresa and Deborah Tambala

Closest Friends: Ashlinn and Joshua Mackan, Ashe Johnson and Jackson Stafford

Aiyesha Tambala is the older twin by twenty minutes. She is the more adventurous type. She likes to go on long treks around the parks and woods with her girlfriend Ashlinn and her brother Joshua and some of the other students like Ashe and Jackson. She is in Second Year in Bridgeport College. She is in class 2nd-F. Aiyesha is much better at Business and Accounting than things like Art and English. She is more outgoing and very open minded. She is very determined too, this can either be a good thing or bad thing. She's willing to stick up for her friends and if you cross her, well, you'd better watch out.

She's very confident. She holds way too much power because whatever she says, goes. She's the type of girl who'd talk back to a teacher, and the teacher will listen to her and take her opinion as the right one. (Too powerful. Very powerful.)

She's very forward and can come off as intimidating with the amount of power she holds. You definitely wouldn't want to mess with her. O h n o.

She gets along great with her twin sister. They have a great relationship and are very close despite their differences.

Aiyesha kind of wishes her mother was a little more open minded about letting them hang out with boys. Like, chill out Theresa, nothing's going to happen.

She's very firm in her beliefs meaning that she is the only one who can change her mind. She will not let anyone else's opinions get to her. Once she makes up her mind, there's no one who can change it unless she changes it herself. Oh dear, oh dear.

I mean, once you get past that, she's a really good friend! If you have Aiyesha as a friend, consider yourself lucky. She’s so fun and outgoing, it’s great fun to go out with her.

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