Erika Spark



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"Live your life for you and no one else! It's your life, not anyone elses."


Name: Erika Kayla Spark

Nicknames: Sparkly, Erikat

Age: 19

Height: 175cms

Ethnicity/Nationality: Canadian-Irish

Gender/Pronouns: She/Her

Sexuality: Bisexual

Family Members: Ava, Ciarán, Kian, Shane and Maria Spark

Closest Friends: Grace Cole, Heather O’Halloran, Sara Campbell

Erika Spark is the eldest of her siblings.

Erika takes after her mother rather than her father and is often mistaken for her. She was expelled from their school Bridgeport College due to "severe and serious misconduct" when she was seventeen. Bridgeport College was a DEIS school and basically a school when you have nowhere else to go.If you get expelled from Bridgeport College, you have no hope of getting in anywhere else. She’s attempting to find a place to do her final exams so she can get into college, but it’s not going very well.

This is highly upsetting for Erika because she cannot seem to find any work. She hasn’t got any qualifications and despite the fact it’s 9034 and you’d think people would be more open minded, she has a lot of trouble finding work.

She has gotten herself into dangerous situations, but whatever helped her earn a living was enough. It’s not as if she  has  to work, but it’s for her own mental health. She vowed to never let her younger siblings endure this. She is fiercely protective of her siblings and would never let anyone badmouth them. She gets along with all of them very well and is like a great mentor figure to them.

She and Kian are very close. She sees him as her little baby brother despite the fact that… One, he’s way taller than her and two, he can look after himself. She remembers living in Canada and she remembers everything about her time there, which is precisely why she’s so close to Kian. It’s complicated. She’s not in the mood to explain why.

Erika helps Shane figure out things about himself and she and Maria share a room so it's only natural she'd help her. She genuinely likes being with the younger ones and would probably pursue a career in that area, though we can’t be too sure.

Erika does not know who her biological father is. She is old enough to remember Kian and Shane's, but she won't tell them who they are. It’s better this way.

She’s very close to her mother too. It’s as if they’re friends rather than mother and daughter. She’s glad for this.

She, like the other Sparks, is severely allergic to mushrooms. Do not put a mushroom in the same room as her. The results are disastrous.

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