Maria Spark



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"Right-o, where’s the cool anime stuff? I’m not interested unless there’s anime or manga there and if there is, you will see me later!"


Name: Maria Ciara Spark

Nicknames: Friendly Neighbourhood Weeb, Sparkling

Age: 13

Height: 160cms

Ethnicity/Nationality: Irish

Gender/Pronouns: She/Her

Sexuality: Bisexual

Family Members: Ava, Ciarán, Erika, Kian and Shane Spark

Closest Friends: Sakamoto Miki, Hollie O’Flaherty

Maria Spark is the youngest Spark sibling.

Maria is a mixture of her parents in terms of looks. As the youngest Sparkling, she is terribly spoilt by her parents. The other siblings are fine with this. (I guess.)

She is what you would call an Otaku. She loves anime, manga and comics. She has been inspired by this to draw and is a pretty good artist at that. She’s going through her weeaboo phase and often drops random Japanese words into her sentences. It’s not as if she’s insensitive about it though! She is genuinely interested in Japanese culture thanks to her friend, Miki!

First Year is always awkward and can be hard to make friends, but she seems to have already made a best friend. Maria is quirky and creative, always drawing something in random copybooks she finds in her bag.

She can be sensitive as she was bullied for the first two months of First Year (before Kian stepped in and became the Authoritative Older Brother.) This has affected her more than she would have liked but she pretends she doesn't care. She is chatty and overall very friendly, but some people just find her a bit weird. Maria doesn't mind though. You don’t need to make fun of it, though. Then there will be trouble.

She loves to sing with Shane, run with Kian and hang out with Erika. She generally gets on with her siblings!

Maria's biological father is Ciarán. He’s now married to Ava and Maria is blissfully unaware of the family drama that her other siblings went through. She’s curious about it and often asks Erika. It’s too complicated to explain all at once. Oh the joys.

She wants to be a professional artist when she grows up. Her parents are very supportive of this and have gotten her some drawing lessons.

She, like the other Sparks, is severely allergic to mushrooms. Do not put a mushroom in the same room as her. The results are disastrous.

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