Joshua Mackan



2 years, 7 months ago


"So I was just standing there, minding my own business, ankle deep in mud and river water looking for nice rocks when ASHLINN just APPEARED out of NOWHERE in the water and I got SCARED and JUMPED and she lost her compass and that’s exactly how the deer story started."


Name: Joshua Mackan

Nickname: Josh

Age: 14

Height: 160cms

Ethnicity/Nationality: Irish

Gender/Pronouns: He/him

Sexuality: Straight

Family Members: Aaron and Ashlinn Mackan

Closest Friends: Conor, Brian and Mike

Joshua is in 2nd-F in Second Year in Bridgeport College. He’s the younger twin by five minutes and yes… Those five minutes matter very much. He’s as outgoing as his sister and he also likes to create wildly exaggerated stories.

Joshua likes to draw and write poetry. He writes really deep poems but he’s fine, he just likes using dramatic metaphors. I guess drama runs in the family.

He knows how to skate on a skateboard and he goes out with his friends Conor, Brian and Mike to the skating park. Can’t stop won’t stop. They stand around and act all intimidating on their skateboards.

He’s very close to this sister, Ashlinn. They playfully throw petty insults at each other as siblings usually do, but he really admires how Ashlinn will absolutely NOT hesitate to step up and stand up for him at ANY time of the day. She will smack you if you do her brother wrong. They make collaborations where he writes the deep poems and she writes the tune. Good stuff. Seriously, he’s really glad that Ashlinn will stick up for him because Joshua tends to freeze up when he’s confronted with a topic he doesn’t want to talk about. It’s always nice to have someone you trust.

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