Luna Castell



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”Hello, hello, it’s good to see you too!”


Name:Luna CastellCalled:Luna
Age:14Gender:Female, she/her
Ethnicity:Irish-ItalianBirthday:16th June
Aesthetic Board:Here!Theme:IDK YET


  • Flowers
  • Stars
  • Baking
  • Talking


  • Cacti
  • When people underestimate her
  • Elongated words
  • Improper bunching of flowers


  • Excitable
  • Chatty
  • Friendly
  • Outgoing



Luna Castell lives in Florence, Italy with her father Marco Fiore. Well, usually. At the time of the story, Luna has come over for two years. She is in Second Year (2nd-S) in Bridgeport College.

She's a very excitable and overly happy person. She is extremely excited and easily impressed by pretty much everything. She is very much an outgoing person. She loves to talk to people and hang out with them, though many are repelled by her overly excitable personality. She just thinks she's having a lot of fun with life, "As it should be!" She's disheartened at the fact that the majority of the people think she's "childish and stupid." She genuinely thinks that life is great fun and you should show how much fun you're having in life!

Like her mother, Charlotte, Luna loves to bake. She would bake all sorts of cakes and bring them into school for her friends. Her favourite is Castella Cake.

She loves gardening and she loves flowers! She adores flowers and holds them in high regard. She especially loves sweet-peas and carnations, but she claims to love all flowers equally (whatever that means.) She takes great care of the flowers she grows in her little plant pots on Ascaill an Trá and wants them to grow up big and strong. She pours a lot of her time, energy and effort into making these pretty plants grow.

You could say that Luna has her head in the clouds. You'd be right. She loves space. Spaces fascinates her and she loves looking through her telescope at night on the beach to look at the moon and the stars. She loves to spot constellations. It reminds her of home, when she and Marco would sit out on their balcony at night and look at the stars shining so brightly. The stars are her comfort, much like her pretty flowers.

Her mother, Charlotte, loves and adores her. It's just that... Yeah. Luna was absolutely not meant to be here. She's not Lawrence's child, she's Marco's. Charlotte may have had a little summer fling with that man. The reason why Luna lives in Italy and not in Ireland with her mother is because of Lawrence. The two of them have an... Unsteady relationship. Luna doesn't like Lawrence at all, and Lawrence doesn't like her. (Which, you know, is hardly fair because what did Luna do?) The two can hardly tolerate each other. Luna has a feeling that her plant pots are often purposely knocked over, but she has no proof of that. How could anyone be that nasty?

Luke and Lucy like Luna though. They treat her just as you would a normal sister. Except they're a little bit envious and it's lead to some jealousy and rivalry in the house. Pretty much the only two people that Luna likes in that house are Charlotte and baby Callum, which isn't saying much.

By the way, her favourite colour is purple. She loves it so much she formed the Rainbow Club back at home with her Italian friends where they gave each other nicknames based on their favourite colour and aim to dress in their favourite colour all the time. Luna loves purple so much she has decided to "forever dye" her hair. Stunning work. Marco is proud.

Her first language is Italian, and she has quite a noticeable Italian accent. Her English is decent, but she stumbles over long words such as "sophisticated." (She says it as sophisticky.) Don’t you dare laugh at her! She’s really trying her best.

Shhh, you didn’t hear this from me but she really likes that Shane Spark guy!

Luna is a big BIG fan of that Italian pop idol, Saffrobella! She looks up to her, and sees her as a big inspiration like the rest of her Rainbow Club.





[ Father ]

Marco loves his little girl and Luna loves her father. Marco flew to Ireland just to bring Luna back to live with him in Italy. He’s been raising her all her life. They have a very positive and caring relationship! He encourages her all the time and basically celebrates the life of his daughter.


[ Sister ]

Lucy is very smart. Luna is not. Lucy places a lot of care into her studies. Luna does not. Lucy doesn’t care about social lives and just prefers to stick to her work. Luna absolutely does not. They’re very much the opposite of each other, and this has caused a little bit of tension between them.


[ Mother ]

Charlotte has the most fun with Luna. She tries to not have favourites but if she really had to choose, Luna is definitely her favourite child. This is the first time she has come to actually get to know her daughter anyway, she’s spending as much time with her as she can.