Lucy Castell



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"As a famous queen once said… Let them eat cake! We need cake to be happy."


Name: Lucy Castell

Nicknames: Lulu

Age: 15

Height: 163cms

Ethnicity/Nationality: Irish

Gender/Pronouns: She/her

Sexuality: Straight

Family Members: Charlotte, Lawrence, Luke, Luna and Callum Castell

Closest Friends: Leah Murray, Clodagh Shannon

Lucy Castell is in Third Year in Bridgeport College. She is  extremely  hard-working and studious. She is a workaholic and puts 110% effort into every single thing she does. She’s top of the class and consistently receives good grades.

Except that she’s generally just not a nice person to be around. Lucy tends to be very intentionally patronising and spiteful to people she doesn’t like… Which is most people. She really does not like a lot of people and it shows. She often blogs about them on her “Tumbleweed” account under fake names. She holds grudges and will not let them go. She’ll bring up your past and drag you through the dirt even if the last mean thing you did to her was when you were like, five. She’s that sort of person.

She’s aspiring to become the CEO of great big companies someday and she may as well start now. That’s why she studies so hard. She pays great attention to detail and she likes to spot (and point out) all that’s going wrong.

She gets along well with her brother and her father as a result. She’s most definitely a “Daddy’s girl.” Loves her father. He spoils her, his wonderful little girl. It has led to awkward feelings between herself and Luna (and sometimes Luke) but she doesn’t care. She has her father’s approval, what else could anyone want?

Why is such a studious girl in Bridgeport College? The only other option was Lorita’s College and… Wow, who would want to go  there?  Her parents had made the mistake of not listening to Luke, they weren’t going to make the same mistake with Lucy. Lucy did not want to go there, and Bridgeport College was the next option.

She just wants to do well in school, pass the first set of major exams so she could get a good set of honours so she can pass her final exams too, so she can go to the best college of her choosing and her best possible degree and get the best possible job and… You get the picture.

It’s just that there are some obstacles in the way, because of course there are. But she can work past this.

Lucy and the rest of the Castell family have a severe mushroom allergy. Do not put a mushroom in the same room as them. Disastrous results.

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