Miki Sakamoto



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"Waaaah! It’s decided, I will be your senpai now and you will be my student. Call me Miki-senpai! … No? Well, I’m still considering myself a senpai and you can’t stop me."


Name: Sakamoto Miki (last name, first name)

Nicknames: Mi-chan

Age: 13

Height: 152cms

Ethnicity/Nationality: Japanese

Gender/Pronouns: She/her

Sexuality: Lesbian

Family Members: Tamotsu and Haruka Sakamoto

Closest Friends: MariaSpark, Hollie O’Flaherty

Sakamoto Miki is in First Year in Bridgeport College. She’s  very  happy and peppy! She goes around everywhere with her best friend Maria Spark. Miki and Maria, Maria and Miki! You don’t get one without the other. They’re absolutely inseparable.

She’d like to be a mangaka when she is older and she’s immediately set to taking drawing lessons and doing art in school. She loves shoujo manga. She liberally sprinkles Japanese vocabulary into her sentences. She’s an “otaku” and she’s going through her “Anime is the Best Thing in the Whole Entire World” phase. You know how it is.

Miki and her family moved to Ireland when she was only 11, so she’s still relatively new to the place! She has a noticeable Japanese accent and at the moment she really doesn’t care about it. She likes to teach her new friends Japanese and all about living in Japan!

The reasons they moved to Ireland was because her parents spun a globe, stopped it at random, landed on Ireland and chose Bridgeport because that was a cool sounding town name. Guess what? It’s underdeveloped. That’s fine because the Sakamotos ended up starting a business. Miki sometimes helps out. She’s avoiding it because she’s too busy drawing and watching anime.

She always smiles. She’s almost never  not  smiling! Miki believes that there’s so much to be happy about and she just never stops. It’s 9034, the world is still standing! We’re still here, and she’s celebrating being here on this wonderful beautiful big huge earth! What’s not to be happy about?

Seriously. She’s completely carefree and happy-go-lucky. She doesn’t worry about anything. She’s always so smiley and positive!

Ribbons! She loves ribbons and wears them in her hair all the time. Anytime you meet her, she will be wearing ribbons with various patterns. She wears pink braces and is due to get them off when she turns 14. She can’t wait!

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