2 years, 11 months ago


Name: Vinny Sebastian Blackwood

Age: 28

Gender: male

Birthday: 11 of November

Zodiac sign: scorpion

Sexuality: bisexual (f97%m3%) demisexual

Relationship: married

Height: 210 cm

Species: dark demon

Likes: friends and family only

Dislikes: a lot of things

Siblings: demon

Adopted kids: Violet, naft

Kids: none


Around the year 1991 Vinny was born, at this time his parents were in the mortal realm, Vinny lived there for a year before going to the underworld with his parents and staying there, vinny was different and unique then the other demons, he seemed smarter then the demons at his age and way stronger but Vinny wasn't a fan of fighting neither was he a fan of any form of violence so he stayed low, Vinny loved his father so much, he would try to follow him everywhere he went but of course he couldn't because he would get himself in danger, his father was one of the royal guards in the underworld, specially he was a pure demon and one of the first dark demons to exist, Vinny used to stay with his mother until his father comes back so he could ask him about what happened and what did he do that day, he seemed so much interested in his fathers work that he would sometimes mess with his armor and weapons, luckily he never got himself hurt when he was messing with the swords, his father would get upset because of this because he is afraid that his son would get hurt, specially that he was at a young age, he wanted to become just like father when he grows up, he wanted to protect his people and his family, his mother was so happy with it, it filled her with joy every time he said it with that smile on his face, no matter what whenever he smiled it changes everything, it makes everything better, a few years later, at the age of 6, his father wanted to teach him how to fight and defend himself, Vinny didn't really like fighting but if it was for self defend then he would, he was ok with it until it came to this point, his father wanted to teach him how to kill mortals, torture and murder angels, Vinny was filled with fear because of it, he hated killing, he hated hurting people, he wants to protect everyone, it doesn't matter who they are, Vinny refused to listen to his father and would always run to his mothers side whenever his father wanted to teach him, at first his father was going easy on him, he wouldn't do anything to him if he refused to but as the days went by, he started abusing him and torturing him in the worst ways possible, Vinny would cry himself to sleep every night because of the pain, his father abused and tortured him in ways that no one would ever do, only the heartless people would do, even them can't think of those terrible ways, Vinny had so many scars, bruises, burns, deformed parts on his body, the scars, bruises and burns covered his body, specially his face and back, his mother couldn't look at him without crying, she tried her best to stop her husband but he would beat her up, Vinny didn't want that to happen to his mother so he asked her to stop defending him, Vinny was abused and tortured for 4 years, at this time he was broken, he would sometimes feel pain but it didn't really matter, he was used to it, it was an every day thing to him now so he didn't bother, he was going to turn 10 at that time when his mother had his brother, Vinny was so worried about him that his father would do the same to him, he didn't see his brother yet but he was still very worried about him, when Vinny saw him, he wanted to cry but he had a very bad feeling that his father will abuse and torture him, they named his brother demon, demon looked so innocent and pure, all babies are like that but demon was something else, his looks gave him off, he is just like Vinny but even purier, Vinny got so worried that anxiety hit him hard, his emotions came back, he could feel pain again, he wouldn't be able to take seeing his brother being torture, he wanted to protect him with his life at that point, he started to get aggressive whenever his father tortures him, he started defending himself sometimes but it wasn't enough, his father just got worse and worse, after two months Vinny had it, he couldn't take it anymore, it was night at that time when he was arguing with his father, Vinny was really mad as he started to growl, he started sounding demonically by the second before he lost it when his father tried to slap him, he screamed loudly and demonically as he was turning into his demon form, young demons at his age would have a very simple demon form but he turned into his fill form, something that is impossible to Happen but it did, Vinny was raging, he was way stronger then his father as his father started to losing the fight, his mother came to them but it was to late, it didn't take Vinny that long to kill his father, he was still raging, he lost control of myself that he accidentally killed his mother to, he literally lost all control that he wasn't able to calm neither change back to his normal form, he was cut off by his brothers crying, he froze as he slowly changed back to normal, he was so injured that he couldn't even get up but that didn't stop him, he went to his brother even though he is hurt, he took him and he,d him closely as he tried to calm him down, it didn't take very long until he calmed before falling asleep again, Vinny didn't know what to do, he still didn't realize what has happened that night, the next morning he did and that changed him forever, Vinny turned into someone new, someone that he is going to hate in the future, his uncle usually visits them so knew what happened, he didn't blame Vinny or anything, instead he helped him and his little brother, Vinny wanted to go to the mortal realm it would be much more safer for his brother, they moved there into a new house, his uncle didn't always stayed with them because he had to do his job of guarding the underworld, it wasn't a problem for Vinny, he was used to taking care of himself so this was easy for him, as the years past Vinny had less need for his uncle, at the age of 19 he took care of the house and his brother so his uncle let them be and returned to the underworld, as Vinny got older and became a cop, he soon adopted a girl named Violet, he saved her from being sacrificed to lucifer, she became a half demon because Vinny turned her into one to save her life, Vinny felt attached to her so he adopted her as his daughter, she soon became like a sister to his brother and kept him company whenever he isn't home, Vinny has done a lot of things in his past that he doesn't want anyone to know about, as how all his scars, bruises, burns are gone and what really happened to his parents, he only regrets one thing and that is murdering his mother and it is the only thing that he regrets but he has to live with it for his family, this year Vinny decided to adopt another child, his name is naft and he didn't have a family, his father was abusing and his mother died, for some kind of reason Vinny felt attached to him to, so he decided to adopt him, it really helped Vinny get better, having kids was something nice to him and it made him some what happy but he always wanted his own kids but that doesn't mean he doesn't love Violet and naft, he had a hard time getting into a relationship because he doesn't trust anyone and because he wasn't stable enough for one like now, he is happily taken by mike, he seems to be actually happy now, specially that he is slowly opening up to everyone in his family, he might have been through hell but everything seems to be getting better slowly, the only thing that is missing for him is his mother, he just wishes that she was there to see her sons and his family, he knows that she would be so happy, he just wishes that would happen but sadly it will never do