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  • Li's gallery features three artworks with the inclusion of a demon character known as Arvatris. Arvatris is a canon character from a webcomic called Das Teufels Favoriten (The Devil's Favourites), which is being currently written and developed by Herzspalter. Arvatris has still not yet appeared in the comic, and could be considered a spoiler.
  • Any artwork of Li and Arvatris must be disregarded in any form of canon ideas, and should only be considered for alternate universe purposes, or merely joke or comfort artwork. Li, or any variation of Li, is not a character featured, referenced, or included in The Devil's Favourites, and should never be thought of as such. Artwork of Li and Arvatris is an enjoyment shared between Herzspalter and I, and has no bearing on Arvatris' character in canon, and does not influence The Devil's Favourites in any way.

Additional notes:

  • Li comes from a closed species known as Watakuma, which was created and developed by keixcchi. However, while I have left closed species, I have ultimately chosen to not void Li, and while his Waku features remain, he is merely regarded as a sugar demon in terms of personal character lore.

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