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This account will contain NSFW from two of my main and alt. twitter accounts, so if you aren't 18+, kindly move along dear!

Also as a side note, I trade and deal in designs often so if you aren't comfortable with me trading off a design possibly in the same day I receive it, then kindly just decline my offers, don't even have to say why!^^ 

My black list may often contain ppl I simply had bad dealings with.


If I discover you support or actively participant in anything stated above, I reserve the right to refuse you service, as well as revoking ownership to any designs/art you may have received from me. You will be black listed, as well as a callout post made about you to warn others to avoid you.


@Slumberingsuns : Got upset at me after I had to politely back out of an art trade I no longer had time for, even after making multiple changes to art that they claim was undone, even though it was. 

@Neonbeetle : Was rude about my offer on a design for no reason. 

Also, if you ever find out you're blocked, don't confront me, it was for a reason so attacking me probably won't change that. I will most likely not answer you if you try messaging me, but if you truly feel like a misunderstanding was made you can send me an email @/[email protected] 

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