Dijamant (Kingpin LARP)



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Name Dijamant

Pronouns he/him

Age ~800-1,200?

Race ???

Spectrum God (Reincarnation)


The suave, manipulative richboy who knows too many secrets of the government to take down. Once working as a suit, then as an underground informant, then as an information broker, he's gotten tabs and dirt on just about everyone. In recent years, he's "retired" - pulled himself directly out of the gangs to run them as a head instead, preferring to focus on his godhunt and reaping the spoils of being an untouchable menace.

Cue surprise when he accidentally stumbles upon the god of circles, posing as a mortal working as a bank teller. Interest - initially sexual - leads to a cat-and-mouse game that is at times both frustrating and thrilling, as Kolo reciprocates his advances but refuses to bend. Despite his best efforts, godhood seems to be slipping right out of his grasp.

But his resources are many, connections seemingly infinite, and patience that of an Immortal's. Kolo can run, but he won't be able to flee forever. Dij will find him. Dij will corner him. And oh, when that day comes, he will relish in it.

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