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While 90% of my characters are light / softer / chill with their vibes and themes, I do have some horror based creations for stories and such! I DO NOT condone any harmful things my characters may do. I'm an author and screenwriter who enjoys a wide variety of themes and genres, from happy, soft, and cute, to spooky and horror themed things. Anything harmful or hurtful is depicted in a negative light - and it's also not my focus with my creations, either. All characters with sensitive topics have warnings, filters, and notes on their pages + images if they contain anything spooky or unpleasant, but this is not a horror/scary focused account by any means, just tread carefully in case you stumble across a spooky OC!


  • Racist, homophobic, pedophile, zoophile
  • Trump supporter
  • TERF / against trans folks
  • Pro shipper (pedo/incest/zoo/etc)


  • Steal or heavily reference my characters!
  • Ask if any of them are for sale - refer to MousieSales for characters up for grabs. NO ONE on my main is for sale/trade.
  • Claim my writing as your own
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