Wanderlust's rhythm guitarist. Friendly neighborhood Dyke on a Bike.

laid-back // tough // friendly

Story: Catband
Setting: New York City, 2007
Created: 2021


Full Name "Joie" Caballero Age 45 Species Human
Nicknames Joie Birthday December 29, 1961 Gender Butch
Pronounced "JO-ee" (like Joey) Zodiac Capricorn Pronouns She/Her or He/Him
Band Wanderlust Religion Nonreligious Sexuality Dyke (nondenominational girlkisser)
Band Role Rhythm guitar Background Puerto Rican Relationship Status In a LDR
Day Job Musician Birthplace Newark, New Jersey Living Situation In an apartment alone

Dyke on a bike, rack with an axe, and clearly the most self-indulgent character I could conjure, here's Joie. Joie was the rhythm guitarist of a band called Wanderlust that recently went through an amicable break-up after many years together.

Wanderlust is also the band Roadie had worked for as crew for many years, before the band parted ways. Back in 1997 when Roadie was a little 19-year-old babby roadie new to America, Professional Bad Influence Joie so generously took him under her wing and, for better and worse, taught him everything she knows. She'll certainly take credit for any of her protégé's accomplishments she feels like, anyway-- and if Roadie ever talks like he's from New Jersey, here's why. The two became wingwoman and wingman for each other back during those years on the road, and they're still buds. They've kept less in touch lately, though, as Joie's getting tragically serious with a woman in Tucson-- but Roadie's been busy recently with a rhythm guitarist of his own, so hey, that's fine.

Joie is friendly and easygoing, but cuttingly honest and always straightforward, someone who means what she says and says what she means, and don't you forget it. She loves women, her motorcycle "Rosita", strong drinks, and any hands-on skills like woodworking... which sometimes includes work on guitars, but mostly results in cheerfully vulgar little whittled figures pawned off on all her friends. Joie has a biting sense of humor, but always a heart of gold.


Height: 5'8"/173cm Build: Stout
Eyes: Hazel Hair: Bleached (from brown), roots growing out
Handedness: Right Style: Biker

Joie dresses as no-nonsense as she speaks, in blacks and whites and bold practical colors. She's typically seen in a leather motorcycle jacket, shades, and combat boots.


Roadie Old Friend

Roadie was formerly the guitar tech for her band, and he was Joie's little protégée from a decade ago. After the band's breakup, they're still good friends and catch up sometimes.


Shea Former Bandmate

Shea was one of Joie's bandmates, and the two are good friends.


Kennedy Former Bandmate

Kennedy was the leader of their band and also an old friend.


Harvey Former Bandmate

Harvey was the drummer of Wanderlust, and a good bud.

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