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And welcome to my profile!


  • Get to know more about me here!
  • Check out my social medias here!
  • Look at my currently open adopts folder here!
  • Look at my Marketplace (UFO/UFS) folder here!


  • Read my Warnings & Blacklist tabs
  • Favorite spam my OCs if you like them
  • Follow my social medias (on my home page)
  • Ask me about my open commissions!


  • Steal my (or others') art or designs
  • Falsely claim ownership of my OCs
  • Offer on non-Marketplace OCs unless specified
  • DM me through Toyhouse (I won't see it!)

Please be mindful that some of my characters will have backstories, art, or visual elements that may be triggering and/or mature for some audiences. Extreme examples will have a character-specific warning, but take these as an overall profile warning; I will not bend over backwards to cater to everyone's triggers. So be wary where ya wander!


  • Violence (blood, gore, implied violence, themes)
  • Body horror (multiple, misplaced, missing body parts, non-sexual nudity)
  • Death (implied death, loss of family/friends, character backstories)
  • Other stuff (mature language, bright and/or contrasting colors, etc)

If you find yourself on my blacklist, you know what you did. If you're not on my blacklist, do NOT harass/bother blacklisted users on my behalf, but please do not trade my designs or commission artwork from me for them. I am purposefully not interacting with these users for a reason, even if they are your friends. Thanks!


  • Rick Astley and everyone who has rickrolled me ever
    • You know damn well why <3
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    • Wow, such empty.
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    • Wow, such empty.

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