Lacey Spindlethread



11 months, 23 days ago


"Lace and thread make everything better!"

Name: Lacey Spindlethread

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Race: Fairy

Job: Seamstress

Song Link: Rosa Nera

Likes: Dislikes:

Flowers Bitter foods

Dressmaking The colour green

Strawberries Being wrong

Soft blankets The number 13

Estelle Being interrupted

Height: 12"

Weight: 100g

Build: Lithe

Alignment: Neutral Good


  • White hair - cut in bob style
  • Orange Eyes
  • Sheer purple fabric held by pin bobble on right side
  • When working - White off shoulder stop with long puffy sleeve, pink flower skirt.
  • Kneesocks, one up, one down
  • When relaxing, poofy top with showgirl skirt and ballet flats
  • Ballet flats


Her head in the clouds, Lacey can be very excitable and prone to irresponsible bursts of energy or inspiration, flitting from one topic ot task to another in a heartbeat.


A skilled needleworker, she loves making garments and clothes for the other residents in her home. Her skill and inspired designs are second to none.


Her lack of thoughfulness can lead her to ignore immediate problems with people, and she lacks the self control to work on tasks long term. sabotaging her ability to be seen as reliable..


She's not fond of social interaction, prefering to be left alone to create uninterrupted. She won't activly seek company, unless she needs someone to try on a garment for her.


Created from a flower in the garden of the house, she would be found by a family of fairies who would take her under their wings to their new home in the attic.

Growing up, her skill for mending and design caught the attention of some of the residents, specifically her longtime friend Estelle, who encouraged her to take up work as a seamstress. Other fairies, appreciative of her unusual talents, would come from streets away to buy her clothes.