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Loki Actino
SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus) | 20A variant | Female | She/Her | dfdlq34-78867b30-0a5e-487b-b0a5-25ff98c4Princess
Loki mainly appears as a 23 year old Princess, but later she appears as a 53 year old. She rejects the strict lifestyle of coronaviruses, and one day she decides to divorce from her abusive husband, and to flee from the palace with her five year old son, Matthias, and unborn daughter, Louise.
After roaming the streets of Brighton (England) for several weeks, a kind Bifidobacterium, named Willow, invites her and her son to stay in her house, until Loki finds her own house to live.
However, Willow finds out that Loki is pregnant and the two eventually fall in love, which makes Willow deciding to ask Loki if she wants to live with her. Before Loki gives birth, Willow marries her, so Loki and Louise will get Willow's family name (Loki hates her own family name, Nido, cause it reminds her too much of her abusive father).
Loki's main goal is to create world peace, get war and enslavement of cells being abolished and to change the strict, medieval lifestyle of coronaviruses, so every new generation of virus particles will be able to decide for themselves how to live their lives, especially her own children and future grandchildren.

Original Creator: Tat'yana Sippy 


Loki has an original male counterpart, who I created first. This female version came to be because the male counterpart was suddenly female in a dream once. After I drew this female                version just for fun, I accidentally grew attached to her. So, I decided to keep her as a different character, in a different story and universe, and I made her anthropomorphic to make her easily distinguishable from her male counterpart.

She's 1.70m (5′7″) tall.

She's Pagan. She mainly worships Greek deities, like Selene (moon goddess), Gaia (nature goddess), Tethys (sea and underground river goddess), Zeus (god of the sky, thunder and lightning), and the Norse god she's named after, Loki (god of mischief). She's also a witch and she likes to use herbs and stones to heal others from their illness(es).

The deities which she worships are actually the personifications of her own traits; Selene is the personification of Loki's design, which is slightly based on the moon itself, Gaia is the personification of Loki's love for nature, Loki loves children and she has a strong desire to care for them (Tethys is also considered to be the patron saint of children and/or the care for them), Zeus is also said to be the god of law and order/justice and the protector of everyone, so he's the personification of Loki's desire to create peace and safety so all microbes will live a safe and happy life, and sometimes she acts 'mischievously' (though, never evil), which is probably just due to being literally named after the god of mischief.

She's a huge fan of singer Elvis Presley. She's an amazing singer herself, but not interested in becoming famous.

While she's actually pansexual, many microbes mistake Loki for being lesbian when she openly walks paw in paw with, or touches noses with Willow.