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Please read me

By agreeing to this warning, you understand that you are accepting the rules listed here. Failure to follow these rules will result in a ban and a permanent name-and-shame on my blocklist.

DNI If you are a map / zoophile / racist / transphobe / etc. This is not the place for you.

Absolutely no minors are able to purchase my personal designs. If you are a minor and are still interested in a design made by me, feel free to trade with another user, but I do not do direct monetary transactions!

  • Trace/Steal/Colour-pick my OCs
  • Ask for pings; I do not do pings
  • Offer on character with "forever home" tags
  • Chargeback; this will result in immediate ban + blacklist
  • Complain to me about content you may see. The warnings are there for a reason, and I have a right to explore themes you may find uncomfortable. If I am selling a character, I will make sure to relay the content on the character's page.
Content Warnings

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