Piko: The First Pikachu



7 months, 10 days ago

Basic Info



Special Ability

Volt Absorb: Piko heals HP when hit with electric-type attacks.

Held Items

Light Ball: boosts Piko's special attack. this item that only works for Pikachus.

Damp Rock: increases Rain Dance's effect to eight minutes instead of five.

Fierce Bandanna: greatly increases the power of Piko's attacks.


Rain Dance: causes it to rain over all allies and enemies for five minutes (eight minutes with a damp rock). Makes Thunder unable to miss. Weakens fire-type moves.

Thunder, electric, special: one of the most powerful electric type attacks. misses roughly 1/4 of the time in regular weather, misses half the time during sunny weather. can also hit opponents in the sky and paralyze them roughly 1/3 of the time.

Meteor Mash, steel, physical: may raise slightly raise Piko's physical attack.

Brick Break, fighting, physical: shatters magical barriers, in addition to dealing damage.

Thunder Punch, electric, physical: deals damage and may paralyze the target.

Quick Attack, normal, physical: Piko attacks first.

Favorite Cosplay Pikachu Outfit

Coolness Contest

Favorite Middle-Earth Name

Achadir: Sindarin, Avenger (due to the superhero team Avengers).

Favorite Mando'a Proverb

Aliit ori’shya tal’din – “Family is more than blood.”


"Wolfie handles the fighting, I handle the talking."

"You don't need to do everything on your own, you can just delegate.”

"Pixxy thinks she’s the ultimate thunderer?! That’s me! I'm literally an electric-type Pokémon!"

"I spoke 47 different languages even before we got here, of course I know Khuzdul! No language is secret from me! I can Pick Up anything, including languages and enchanted items! I also know Mandarin and Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Canadian French, Igbo, isiXhosa, Dovah, and Mando'a―among others."


youtube playlist.

always wears a blue hat (thunder design optional).

If he hears a single word of a language, he can speak it fluently.

he's in a rivalry with Pixxy Fire Fist over who's the ultimate thunderer in the family.