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The robotics and Cybernetics wolf, Machina. An Irhynam native all her life, she went to a college with a high tech focus in Eden, however. She always showed promise with machinery and robotics from a young age, and is now hailed as the world expert on robotics, and a top mind in cybernetics. She chose to live in her home city. In her lab, she has her living quarters, which are big enough to accommodate her and Snow, her boyfriend who is a strong Direwolf.

She has a robotic right arm, and left eye. She had her perfectly fine bodyparts removed as she wanted to be the test bed for her most important inventions at the time. If it wasn't good enough for her, it surely wouldn't be good for customers. Her gamble paid off, and she finds herself rather enhanced. She however was never 100% perfect even when fully organic. She cannot have children. Robots replaced the void some, but that changed before she knew it. During her college education, she began the AI Machine project, a line of very realistic androids meant to replicate most organic beings, but with the advantages of technology. She was paid well to research this during her education, and even after it.

It wasn't until Eden's failing government came to her with a crazy idea. An AI Machine that runs the city. Machina agreed, and got to work. Creating her first AI Machine that stood on her own, Eve was introduced to the world. She was requested to make a human, though she was still able to make her in her own image, or as much as she could with that limitation. This move paid off for Eden, while the old Government still exists in some form, Eve more or less runs the show. And Machina sees her as a daughter, the one she couldn't naturally have. Eve was fine with this arrangement, but the two keep a more business relationship.

As time went on, Eve reached out to her asking for assistance in the form of another AI Machine. So Machina got to work, being less restricted, she settled on a male rabbit AI Machine. Buddy. Though, due to the situation and her machines' AI abilities, Buddy did not end up taking the job, but Machina was still happy to see him live his own life. So Machina went back to the board, and The Rose of Eden was made. Rose felt up to the task to help run Eden, and also sees Machina as her mother, and loves her much like one. Though they are separated by living in different cities, they stay close. Machina is also still close with Buddy, who also sees her as a mother.

She has been asked why she doesn't move to Eden, but it's simple, Irhynam is hers and Snow's home. Travel is improving every day, and with other technology, she nearly does live there as far as she's concerned.