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Basic info-

Name: Twinkle Star Doodle~

Age: About 22 to our standards.
*Age affects this race differently

Gender: Non-binary 
Pronouns: He/Him/His

Sex: None (see below)*

Height: 4'3'

Orientation: Ace (Only romantic attraction)

About Twinkle's sex-

Twinkle and his race do not reproduce sexually, therefore they do not own any parts to do so. If you were to look, you would find nothing. "But he eats and drinks, where does it go?", listen pal, he has nothing, no holes or nothing. All of what he consumes gets turned into energy, there is no byproduct. 


Likes- Sweets, starry nights, pillow forts, boba, tea, fairy kei styled things, videogames

Dislikes- Violence, drugs, loud noises, thunder


Very fun and outgoing, values friends and loved ones. Rather shy by himself, but joined by friends he is quite sociable. Enjoys adventuring but also enjoys a good kick back with friends. Loyal to anyone close to him, could never tell a lie even if it would hurt them. 


(Note: Twinkle is a multi verse character and has a couple different ways that things go, but the general backstory is the same throughout. Since this race info is so long, its gonna be on a google doc not here.)

In short: When Twinkle was young this planet got in a war with a neighboring planet. In fear that the young prince would be targeted in the fighting, this parents sent him (the good twin**) to a planet far enough away to keep him safe. His twin (the bad one**) was sent away as well, but not the same way that Twinkle was.

NOTE: The pic with the missing third eye has been moved to the bottom for now.