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Name Arioch Xenophanes Scott Alu
Date Created 10/2/2008 | October 2nd
Alias Demon Devourer
Gender Primarily Male | Genderfluid
Age Unknown
Species Levour | Demon
Orientation Bisexual
Blood Type AB or O
Dominate Hand Left
HT./WT. 7'6" | ???
Relationship Single
Living Family Jayden(father),Bewil(cousin)
Voice Headcanon Jack Nicholson

"I hope one day I'll be old enough that I don't feel anything anymore..."

Arioch is known as a spiritual level demon, meaning he cannot be seen by the human eye. He makes himself heard and felt through waves of energy but overall finds it easier to simply possess people or animals. Arioch's species of demon is known as a 'Levour' which means 'Heart Devourer'. They're high ranking demons that are able to pass to and fro from Hell and Earth(or other planets honestly). Levour's have to consume human or animal hearts at least once a month to survive.


  • Human Hearts/Blood
  • Dancing
  • His suits his DAMN SUITS AND TIES
  • Getting into peoples minds
  • Lying/Playing tricks
  • Getting into debates(?)
  • Wonderful fancy clothing for either gender
  • Certain people he'll never admit to


  • The idea of going on a Diet
  • Not being in control of a situation
  • People playing tricks on /him/
  • His father Jayden
  • Being confronted by his past
  • Being hunted down
  • mall dark spaces
  • Being called fat


  • Cleaning Around
  • Reading books in quiet spaces
  • Cooking
  • Keeping a journal or diary of sorts
  • Judging himself
  • Sewing




Arioch tends to be very grumbly, very unhappy, and aloof. He claims he values solitude over the company of others (its a lie). However, he does find joy in riling up individuals he comes across that dare to speak to him. He thinks it fun to ruin the days of others and gets a thrill from taking their lives.

Despite him loving to ruffle up the feathers, Arioch isn’t that great at taking his own medicine (unless he’s feeling overly confident in that someone doesn’t have anything on him). Either way, Arioch is easy to provoke and in turn become violent. Sometimes he claims it’s an overreaction on purpose because he was planning to eat a heart that day but one can’t always be certain of this.

There are times that Arioch is willing to show off his more charmful side. As he is capable of being kind and alluring. Giving people compliments for things he truly thinks deserve praise (dancing well is one of these things). In some ways he comes off as a gentleman like this, seducing men and women alike. However his being like this, is more often than not an act. Arioch likes to lure people in close to him until it is too late, even purring to lure them. But Arioch has a rule for himself being that, he will never harm a good dancing partner or a child.

A lot of the time Arioch expresses himself and compares things to his own metaphors. Coming off a lot of the time, kind of funny. Though it's not really intentional it's just what he ends up doing. There are times in which Arioch is confronted with certain situations where he can be either thoughtful in what his next step will be, or too riled up to think clearly and end up doing something he'll regret later. His anger is on the shortest fuse imaginable, which can make it easy to get him yelling. I'd say it's not worth it if you don't have a way to stop him in his tracks from tearing a person apart. But totally worth it if you do.

Also, Arioch is drawn to making deals with people. The moment one is mentioned Arioch is suckered right on in, even if he is determined to kill someone. He will always stop in his tracks to take a deal (as long as it's worth his time). That aside, he has a fondness of clean and tidy spaces and finds joy in ironing clothes and grooming himself.

PS: Arioch hates using peoples names when he meets them so he much rather make up a nickname for someone to help avoid using their name. It's only people he's close with that he uses their names. (Mr.Thomas doesn't count though)

Arioch things:

  • If anything breaks under him or if anyone feels like they're being crushed under his fat, Arioch will be beyond insulted. This goes for even if something dies under him. He loves to kill but if its death from his weight? He's pissed.
  • His suits are his passion he will be beyond pissed off if they get dirty or torn.
  • He has this thing where he tries to fit as many things as he can into his mouth? Chubby bunny EXTREME
  • You tell him what to do he wont do it.
  • JUST SO WE ALL KNOW HE SWEARS LIKE A SAILOR. But I limit it on forums and stuff.
  • This man is so thirsty for holes in contracts he takes every single one he can get.
  • If you mix different blood types together he gets drunk off that shit quick.



When Arioch was born, he was the runt of a litter of 8. His life with his mother and siblings however, was cut short.

He was young enough that he isn't greatly traumatized by this event. The event being; witnessing his mother and siblings being skinned alive by demons hunting them down for the levour's well known, incredibly soft pelt. Arioch had gone unnoticed by the hunters and thus was made an orphan. Surviving the event caused him to be very alone. Levour's are social creatures believe it or not. So of course, this was devastating for him. Alas, as a pup, Arioch was forced to travel the world in search of hope, people to trust, and most of all, someone to love and to be loved in return. In this way, one could easily call him naive. The fact he was an orphan is the greatest impact he had from his family's death. As well as, of course, the need and desire for lasting love and family.

Since his species lives for a long time, as they are demons. Arioch spent many of his years meeting new people, running into demons, and experiencing human history! Though his travels had worn away his will to trust people easily. Becoming more wary as the years went by. However, despite that and his near death situations with demon encounters... Arioch kept his hope alive. In fact, he grew up falling in love with humans. Admiring them for their passions, dance, and love of life. Though it had taken Arioch time, he learned to possess people and then interact with them. Feeling guilty that he would take them over however, he agreed to a deal with them that they could both share the body and Arioch would respect what things they could and couldn't do in it. Through this agreement, Arioch had managed to actually be able to date people. However, being a demon... He always outlived those he loved and of course, he would outlive his hosts. This was the start of when Arioch's hopes and passions would wilt.

By now in the 19th century in year of 1849 Arioch had met with Roy, being saved by him from another demon. It was exciting news when Roy had made the claim that he has lived forever! Just by dying and being reincarnated. It struck a flame in the demon's heart, hoping that Roy would be the one to be the end of his search for hope and family. So much so, he had joined the mafia to get even closer to Roy. They spent years together. However, in 1854 Arioch knew that he had a crush on Roy. He had long denied himself of this crush and only now did he finally accept what it was. It was only during the New Years Eve Party for the upcoming year of 1861, did Arioch plan to confess his crush to Roy. But he couldn't... he knew Roy wasn't into men. Or. Anything like that. Thus, Arioch ended up becoming frustrated with himself and life.

It would be 1888 when Arioch would find himself beginning to give in to the hopelessness around him. By now having experienced far too much loss or disappointment in his life. This was when Arioch would tell himself that to solve this problem... he must become heartless. Change who he is and everything about him. Embrace the title of demon. Which he had for so long cast aside and rather have taken the title of human. This was the very start of considering this plot...

However, being a bit too cowardly to actually commit in this current moment, Arioch took his time mulling it over, in other words, he put it off.

It was the 20th Century when Arioch would participate in World War II, hoping to harden himself to taking lives and being surrounded by death. It was the start of Arioch's true depression and from his depression Arioch would eat. He took to eating the hearts of fallen soldiers... which was a lot of fallen soldiers. Thus, Arioch had started to really pack on some weight all the way till the end of the war. Not that his weight could actually physically be seen, but it added to Arioch's shame and unhappiness in himself.

Two years after the war Arioch had found himself at a station platform, possessing a woman... It was there that Arioch would meet with a man named John McAllister. Arioch was charmed by the man. It might have also been Arioch's will to not totally give up on love just yet. After two years of dating, Arioch (and his host Maria) had agreed to marry John. Arioch lived the life of a classic house wife in the 1950's. Producing twins in 1953. Arioch was beyond thrilled to be a mother at this point! He adored his family and all the love that was in it. This was the first time in Arioch's life that he had gotten to take a relationship this far. He was happy... But of course, John was only human. He had passed away in 1979, taken by lung cancer. His host, who also loved John, requested Arioch to leave and died only five years after this in 1984. Arioch cannot connect with his children either. For they would never believe that a part of their mother was a seperate demon entity (they would never believe that they themselves are also part levour for that matter).

Distraught and finally deciding to put his foot down on the conclusion he came to 96 years ago. Arioch had finally given up on his hopes and dreams. Finally no longer being able to handle the hardships he was experiencing any longer. Finally, he put aside his 'hopeless aspirations' as he called them and became something that completely changed who he was and what he stood for. Something he hated. Something unforgivable. It took time for him to get use to himself. But today he stands as a demon he truly despises.


At the start 1996. It had been at least 12 years since everything had happened. And Arioch has made serious changes to who he was by then. But, either way, at the start of 1996, Arioch had decided to possess a half demon. By now, Arioch's focus had changed and he valued having power. So, of course Ricky was a boy he thought was VERY powerful to possess! Because they were half demon, Arioch was able to take control of their body with the low low price of making a contract with the body's soul. Which, a contract with the soul is a one that the body is unaware of. But anyhow. Arioch spent a good amount of years possessing a young boy named Ricky Toppkin. He adored the power he got from the boy's shape shifting abilities (not only that but lack of weight!)

But good things never last now do they? Psh, course not. Arioch would say that's the will of life. To take away any good shit you got and keep it to itself. Anyhow. Arioch made a huge mistake with an old witch by the name of Mazma. He insulted her when she refused to do something for him. Because of this, Arioch was forcibly removed from Ricky's body. Becoming a black disgusting vomited pile upon his forced exit. Ricky, still unconscious was lucky enough to not see the giant black puddle twitch and move as it formed bones, skin and hair and rose up to the demon you see before you. Big, overweight and basically exposed for what Arioch really is. To add insult to injury, Mazma has cursed him to be stuck in this human form.

Arioch HATED what he had become and he HATED not being able to possess a body to hide himself away in. He was ashamed of the truth that was exposed for the world to see. So Arioch ran off, got some clothes for starters (which was super difficult no one makes clothes for people this size...) and hid away in his friend DS' house. She let him stay in a dark room in her home.

Having grown use to his fate Arioch eventually let himself step out of her home more and more. Angry as he was of course, he murdered people to take off the stress. Depressed for the body he was in, and the loss of Ricky, which he had secretly grown very attached to... he ate the hearts of those he killed. It was kind of a combo deal really.

Arioch to this day is still stuck in this fucking body he hates, he's a GIANT demon contained in a vessel he was not meant to be stuck in!! It's smaller than it honestly needs to be but he makes do with it. It's all he's got now.

Bonus Info

Arioch Noises/General Levour Stuff

Songs I associate with him:

Accepted Headcanons From Others

[NSFW] THATS INTENSE. Only some bits I can accept but not all. Arioch tends to get carried away when given a blowjob. He'll pull his partner's hair with aggression which leads to full on face fucking. Depending on how carried away he gets he might not notice his partner's displeasure with it but once he is done and fills their mouth he would notice their expression and if they enjoyed it or not. (and probably doesn't even apologize) It also never bothers him if his partner accidentally (or not) bites down, it only adds to the pleasure for him. - Thanks Neviah!



Huge Disgrace [ Father ]

His father Jayden Alu. A once powerful demon that was feared by many. Arioch didn't know this demon was his father until recently and has since hated him for being an absent father figure in his life. Arioch goes out of his way to display as much hatered toward the demon as he can.


Ricky Toppkin [ Previous Host ]

Ricky Toppkin is a half demon that Arioch holds pretty close to his heart nowadays. Thankful for the home he once was for him. Not only that but Ricky is a kind soul that Arioch made a soul contract with. Arioch feels as though he must protect the boy from any harm.


Vincent Roy Gallo [ Best Friend ]

Arioch's closest and only remaining human friend on the Earth. Arioch would do anything for them because they feel as though they owe him his life. Not only that but Arioch seems to have a crush on them an.


The Pathetic One [ Roy's Brother ]

Arioch doesn't know much about him but what he does know about the guy is that they're related to Roy. Which is the only reason Ambrose hasn't be choked out and killed. Otherwise, Arioch tends to look down on him and has no interest in dealing with him.


DS(DumbShit) [ Best Friend ]

Arioch and DS didn't start on good terms. Arioch sided more with her EX at the time and made attempts at her life. Yet, somehow, over time... Arioch started to save her and aid her in her escapes from her serial killer ex-boyfriend. Eventually they bonded and became friends. Over the years Arioch has known her he's saved her life more than once from not only her ex but demons and other monsters. Becoming protective of her even. But, that doesn't stop the fact that they bicker. They will fight over the stupidest things. But that's just Arioch's way of trying to pretend he doesn't care for her.


Disgusting Knowledge Leech [ Lurking Annoyance ]

Disgusting child who doesn't know when to fuck off properly. He's been on bad terms with this kid since the day they MET. Arioch has no reason to like him but to kill him would waste the child's potential as help in any cases someone like him would be helpful in.


Dirty Pants Guy [ Stalker ]

A dirty kidnapping asshole, an unwanted psychiatrist. Also a man that Arioch has had beef with since the day they met. His introduction to him was one with disgust. Arioch, refusing to use the mans name, dubbed him the 'Dirty Pants Guy'. But after being kidnapped by the man that has changed... He sitll hates him but he actually calls him by name now...


Stupid Lil Fuck [ Not Exactly HIS Friend ]

An annoying lil shit that's friends with Ricky. Arioch doesn't know him well and doesn't want to waste his time trying to get to know the shit. He's a stupid kid though. Needs to open his eyes more.


Luuucaaaaaaass [ Friend OC | Roommate ]

A fairly cute kid. Arioch can't help but have a soft spot for the man. However, it doesn't stop him from drinking some blood from him now and then. He's somewhat protective over him. But doesn't want to make it obvious.


Strange Gremlin 1 [ Friend OC | Acquaintance ]

A strange small demon that seems to enjoy their presence. Though Arioch doesn't really seem to full on care about this fact. He owns a circus though, so that's neat... Arioch doesn't have any reason to kill the demon and since they own a circus Arioch might be a little soft due to his own past.


Strange Gremlin 2 [ Acquaintance ]

The twin brother of the Gremlin 1, though this one had the horrible idea of calling Arioch fat. Leading to Arioch taking whatever shot he has at strangling them. Arioch isn't fond of this one, but they run the circus with their brother, so Arioch wont kill him.

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