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He/Him | Lesbian | Ice Cream Cow

Masterlist MYO Moo
Designer Sariasong64
OG Price $95


A vibrant and eccentric NASCAR racer, he's a charming fella on the tracks and a total jock. His full name is Monty "Chad Jr" Maccow, but he hates being called Monty so he's gone to be called as CJ.

Despite being a professional racer, he likes to crash the butch trio's place to play D&D and other board games. He's the secret guest to Kaz's podcast.

CJ tries to keep his worklife and personal life seperate but he can't help it that his interests overlaps way too much with his job. After all, cars, be it racing in em or building his own thing, is his passion.

"Wanna see my Hot Wheels collection?"


  • Flavour | Race Tracks + Speed Bump + Red Velvet Rival
  • Body | Beefy [C]
  • Ice Cream Style | Soft Serve [UC]
  • Ice Cream Type | Multi [R]
  • Topping | Shaped Sprinkles [R]
  • Skin Colour | Natural [C]
  • Cone Colour | Natural [C]
  • Cone Style | Drizzle [UC]
  • Horns | Shaped:Lightning [R]
  • Tail | Wrapped [UC] + Shaped: Lightning [R]
  • Other | N/A


  • Collects merch from other racers, even undergarments.
  • Likes ska! Hence the checker patterns too.
  • Super into baseball, he's a batter.
  • Collects Hot Wheels but he's too embarassed to actually admit it.
  • Is a short king, he's around 5'4 or 160cm.
  • Rides a red Mercedes-Benz 300SLR