GI - Qingying



4 months, 19 days ago


Drifting Elegance

AGE 500+

BIRTHDAY September 28th

AFFILIATION Wanyou Boutique


CONSTELLATION Domina Illustrata

SPECIAL DISH "Made With Love"

WEAPON Polearm


A wanderer from afar who found home in Liyue Harbor. A skilled botanist, she travels far and wide to gather and seek new specimens.

  Serenity Harper
  Yang Menglu (杨梦露)
  Nao Touyama (東山奈央)
  Jeong Misuk (정미숙)


Qingying is a kind, inherently nurturing woman. She holds her ideals of giving and receiving very close to her heart, which works in her favor most of the time, earning the appreciation of others more easily. She’s especially captivating to children and wildlife.
Other than her usual gentle and soft-spoken demeanor, Qingying’s unique appearance also tends to draw attention to her intriguing and somewhat ethereal aura. She has a keen spiritual sensitivity and, when not at the flower shop, she may be found spending time outside in nature, either foraging for botanic samples or reflecting on life.

Because of the blank gaps in her memories caused by her contract with the Geo Archon, Qingying may seem unsure of why she feels and thinks certain things at times, but despite her uncertainty, she stays true to herself and looks for a way to embrace that which she is unable to comprehend. Having lived for hundreds of years, she simply accepts things as they are and as part of the natural cycle of life.

In her own process of acceptance, Qingying has an unexplainable habit of muttering prayers and thoughts into the winds, almost as if she believes someone is listening.


A survivor from the Khaenri’ah cataclysm that took place 500 years ago. Cursed, she wandered aimlessly until being found by Morax, who, observing she had received a Vision, offered to establish a contract with her and take her under his wing.
Wiping out the memories tied to the suffering caused by the losses she went through, she was offered a clean slate and a new name, as Morax hoped she could integrate in Liyue as one of his people.

The contract ties her to serve Liyue Harbor in times of peril and to help defend the land, as well as prohibiting her of searching for a way to undo the seals on her memories. In exchange, she was freed from the suffering of her past and had a place to call home again.
After his retirement as the Geo Archon, the first clause of the contract is no longer applicable, thus she began traveling here and there to tend to botanic specimens outside of Liyuean territory. The clause regarding her memories, though, still stands; she has no interest in betraying the former god’s trust either.

The star shape on her forehead is a byproduct of Morax locking her memories away. Her new name, Qingying (Chinese: 清影 Qīng yǐng), means “clear shadow” and is a word often used to describe the shadow cast by the moon's light; a reference to how her hidden past relates to the Abyss and the Irminsul trees.

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