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hi! nobody likes a long profile warning; so i'll be to the point. you are entering the profile of a schizophrenic autistic nonbinary 20 year old. if you have issues with weed usage, gore, mental illness, abuse of varying kinds and generally darker/heavier subject matters- this is not the account for you.




public blacklist;
the individuals listed below are NOT allowed to own my designs under any circumstance. i would prefer to not interact with those close to these individuals.

5539b2f2eef11255259ef0a98799c74bfac4a612feveretro/lesboys/cinnabutt - personal issues, i generally don't like interacting with cinna owners period.
5539b2f2eef11255259ef0a98799c74bfac4a612lurrau - personal issues. will not comment further.
5539b2f2eef11255259ef0a98799c74bfac4a612gaymerfics - spreading rumors, harassing me and my partner, vandalizing multiple of my social media profiles
5539b2f2eef11255259ef0a98799c74bfac4a612lacie - stalking, harassment

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please note themes of suicide and weirdcore/unreality aesthetics are prevalent with him, specifically!

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