Pixxy Fire Fist



10 months, 12 days ago

Basic Info


she/her and fae/faer.

Special Ability

Flash Fire: Pixxy's fire-type attacks grow more powerful when she's hit by one.


Redsight by Meredith Mooring

Favorite Middle-Earth Name

Achardis: Avenger (Sindarin).


"We are unapologetically making mischief!"

"I know exactly what I’m doing!"


blind. however, fae's so attuned to fire that she has infared vision!

A fiery-furred fox with four tails.

turbanette helps keep her fur back.

the biggest drama queen you've ever seen! there's a lot of drama in this court, and Icy Eyes wouldn't have it any other way.

in a rivalry with Piko over who's the ultimate thunderer in the family.

Do not touch her tails without permission!

Favorite Pokémon moves:

  • Dig (ground, physical): the user burrows underground, and then strikes their opponent a minute later.
  • Thief (dark, physical): steals the target's held item.
  • Fake Tears: sharply lowers the target's special defense.
  • Fire Blast (fire, special): super powerful fire-type attack. Pixxy's favorite.
  • Psychic (psychic, special): powerful. potentially lowers the target's special defense.
  • Ally Switch: swaps places with a teammate.
  • Skill Swap: swaps special abilities with a target.
  • Fire Punch (fire, physical): deals damage and may burn the target.
  • Thunder Punch (electric, physical): deals damage and may paralyze the target.
  • Ice Punch (ice, physical): deals damage and may freeze the target.