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Basic Info



Special Ability

Static: offensive contact causes Paralysis, reducing an enemy's speed by 50% and prevents them from attacking 25% of the time.

Held Item

Mach Ribbon: boosts Chu’s speed.

Fave Cosplay Pikachu Outfit



My partner back in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team.

A brown-eyed, orange mouse with a white stomach whose tail ends in a thunderbolt.

Wears a red bandana around his neck.

Walks on two feet as if he’s a person!

His electrical power is stored in his yellow cheeks.

  • Disarming Voice (fairy, special): deals damage and ignores all accuracy and evasion changes; strikes all nearby foes in front of the user.
  • Electro Ball (electric, special): deals more damage based on how much faster the user is than his target.
  • Grass Knot (grass, special): deals more damage to heavier targets. Chu’s less than 70 pounds, basically all people are heavier than him.
  • Agility: sharply raises Chu's speed.
  • Draining Kiss (fairy, special): heals the user by draining the foe. Chu recovers 75% of damage he deals.
  • Nuzzle (electric, physical): does a small amount of damage in addition to paralyzing the target, preventing them from attacking 25% of the time + halving their speed.